Youth accused in Kingston, Ont., terrorism case rearrested on new charges

Arwen~ So a youth who has “5” charges for alleged terrorism against him, was thought to be a good candidate for bail ( restricted), and that the youth who intended to kill Canadians, could be trusted to honour his bail conditions?? Because of the “Young Offender’s Act”, the youth’s identity is also protected and his name withheld from being released.

Good grief, what a crock our judicial system is.

Firstly, get rid of the “Young Offender’s Act”. Criminality is not determined or defined by an “age” bracket, it is an intent to willfully break the law regardless of ones age. Whether the criminal is 15 or 55..laws across the board same for all…no leniency for age.

France rejects demands to repatriate citizens who went to Syria to join ISIS

Arwen~ Canada needs to follow suit..though it is unlikely to happen under Trudeau. Trudeau and the liberal gov’t refer to those who left Canada to fight for ISIS as “foreign fighters”….not “terrorists”. The very same have been welcomed back into Canada because …
“We know that actually someone who has engaged and turned away from … hateful ideology can be an extraordinarily powerful voice for preventing radicalization,” Canada’s Prime Minister has said about those who may return to Canada after setting off and joining the ranks of the self-proclaimed Islamic State. ( source Global News..Roy Green: Trudeau’s troubling take on returning ISIS fighters-
December 28, 2017)

I agree with Brian Lilley’s thoughts on this subject from Toronto Sun article, Dec. 11, 2018.”Lilley-Trudeau Fails To Punish Foreign Fighters”

“One possibility would be to start charging people with the old fashioned charge of treason, and if need be, amend some of the language in that law to make it apply to today’s reality.

Throwing your hands up to say hard things are hard, as Trudeau has done, won’t punish those who joined one of the most barbaric groups known to man and then decided to come back to Canada.

We need to do more.”

When a Sri Lanka gov’t official is telling us that the recent Islamist massacre has” foreign ties” outside of their country shows the insanity of allowing ISIS terrorists to be repatriated.

“Rajitha Senaratne, the country’s health minister, said the seven suicide bombers who carried out the attacks were Sri Lankan citizens affiliated with the domestic group, but that authorities suspect foreign ties as well. “There was an international network without which these attacks could not have succeeded,” Senaratne said in a news conference. ”

Martel on the hypocrisy of the Western political classes

In the wake of Christchurch Hillary Clinton was frothing at the gills, supporting the Muslim community, denouncing Islamophobia, terrorism and white supremacism. It was interesting to note that in the wake of Sri Lanka, Clinton made no mention of terrorism, of Christians, of Islam’s hair trigger & violent phobias towards non Muslims, nor it’s supremacist narrative. 

Why would that be? The simple answer may be that like many in the political classes and progressive movements of the West, Clinton has firmly nailed her colours to the Islamic mast

For some reason, our supposed great and the good have bent the knee to Islam and intend to surrender our civilization and lands.

Arwen~ Clinton’s tweets on both Christchurch and Sri Lanka. Martel is bang on.