Nolte: Debunking the Media’s Seven Latest Hysteria Hoaxes

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JOHN NOLTE 15 May 2019

With the Russia Collusion Hoax debunked forever, the corrupt establishment media are now in a mad scramble to manufacture a different kind of anxiety against President Trump, this time using multiple artificial hysterias.

Honestly, any rational person who lives in the real world —  and I like to count myself among that group — must be baffled by the news media’s ongoing meltdown; the screech of one crisis after another, which reflects nothing close to reality.

For example: Yesterday, I paid 98 cents for a dozen eggs. My 401(k) is kicking butt. No one I know is struggling to find work, which was definitely not the case a few years ago. American servicemen are not coming home in body bags. There are no race riots, which also wasn’t the case a few years ago. There seems to be fewer domestic terror attacks. For the last two years global temperatures have dropped and this year, so far, has certainly been a cool one.

Unemployment has reached record lows. Wages are rising. Manufacturing jobs are coming back. Inflation is almost non-existent…

This, my friends, is what peace and prosperity look and feel like. This is it. Take it from a middle-aged guy who lived through Watergate, Vietnam, the Carter years, 9/11, Iraq, and Barry Obama’s managed decline  — this is as good as America gets.

But with a Republican in office, most especially a Republican named Donald Trump, the media are desperate to distract us from this inconvenient good news, and so they are manufacturing a fabricated reality where Mississippi is still burning, white supremacism is on the march, the Chinese are about to Red Dawn our economy, everyone’s going to be shot at school, democracy itself teeters on the brink, and women are about to be forced back into the kitchen.

Here’s a quick round up of the latest nonsense our corrupt media are hoaxing the country with.

  1. Trump’s Tariff War with China Is Going to Kill the Economy

This, to me, is the dumbest crisis of them all. To begin with, none of the tariffs Trump has so far raised have had any effect on consumer prices or economic growth. In fact, in almost every area, our economy is doing much better than our lousy “experts” predicted last year.

How many times can the media turn a single day stock market drop into a financial crisis before we all roll our eyes and turn the channel?

I find this hysteria tedious.

  1. Global Warming Will Kill You

I guess it’s a good thing Alexandria Ocasio-Crazy is backing off her claim we will all die in 12 years, but she’s still assuring us Global Warming is a real threat that will kill us, but you’ll have to pardon me if I don’t take my climate advice from a 29-year-old who freaks out over her first look at a garbage disposal.

It’s May 15, I live in the South, and when I woke up this morning it was 36 degrees. There was even a little frost on the ground.

The planet appears to be doing just fine, much better than the eternally neurotic Ocasio-Crazy. Ads by Revcontent38 Stars Who Are Mega Trump Supporters Now. #14 is UnbelievableHealth Crash15 Confusing Photos That Will Make You Look TwiceBlogsandmore25 Perfectly Timed Embarrassing Photos You Must SeeBlogsandmore

  1. School Shooting Epidemic

To gin up this lie, media outlets, most especially CNN, are spreading provably false statistics — lies easily debunked by anyone who can Google.

The truth is that when it comes to these terrible shootings, our schools are much safer than they were 20 years ago.

  1. Trump’s ‘Constitutional Crisis’

In a woefully transparent act of collusion between Democrats and the establishment media, the media repeated the phrase “constitutional crisis” 386 times between May 8 and 12.

A perfect example courtesy of NewsBusters: On Friday, CNN’s Erin Burnett asked indignantly: “If this is a constitutional crisis, how can Democrats not move forward with impeachment hearings?”

Much of this hysteria is based on the Trump administration fighting congress over document requests and all those subpoenas being issued so that sore loser Democrats can come up with a Russia Collusion Hoax do-over — you know, because Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his gang of partisan Democrats spending three years and $35 million to locate a dry collusion/obstruction hole means nothing.

The executive branch has been fighting the legislative branch over this stuff since the creation of our government and nothing is a “constitutional crisis” until the executive branch defies a Supreme Court order, or the equivalent of one, to cooperate with congress. .

Sorry, that’s just a fact.

We cannot be in a “constitutional crisis” when the executive branch is 1) complying with court orders and 2) using constitutional means to tell congress to shove it.

Actually, this is the opposite of a constitutional crisis; this is the constitution at its best: the war is political and legal as opposed to physical.

God bless America.

  1. White Supremacism Epidemic

Hand-picked “experts” are telling the conspiracy theorists at CNN that white supremacism is on the rise and a contagion and must be labeled as terrorism so it can be treated like ISIS.

Yeah, there’s a good idea: treat our own citizens like foreign terrorists.

First off, the so-called boost in “hate crimes” is a hoax based solely on the fact that more agencies have been added to those reporting hate crimes.

Secondly, if white supremacism was a real problem in America, CNN and the rest of the media would not be forced to manufacture one hate crime after another: Remember “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot”; George Zimmerman the White Hispanic; the KKKids from KKKovington High School;  Jussie Smollett? All hoaxes.

In fact, most hate crimes end up being debunked as hoaxes.

Riddle me this: How much white supremacism can there be in America when the long-dead Kate Smith has to be disinterred for a Two Minute Hate? Good grief, there is so little racism in America, we are forced to dig up corpses just so we can have something to virtual signal at. And even then, the racism charge is still a hoax. Kate Smith was no racist.

I’ve lived in the south for nearly 20 years and my interracial marriage has never brought my wife and I so much as a double take.

  1. The Return of Back Alley Abortions

Thank God states like Alabama are aggressively looking to put an end to the holocaust of abortion. Regardless, the worst case scenario for the pro-infanticide crowd is that the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, and as unlikely as that is to happen, it would still not outlaw the killing of the unborn for convenience purposes.

Overturning Roe v. Wade means the states get to decide on the legality of abortion, which means it will always be legal somewhere. With all the government money they receive, I’m sure Planned Parenthood will be able to offer a free bus pass with every child murder.

To be fair, though, Alyssa Milano’s sex strike, her refusal to have sex with anyone until she gets her way on abortion would have been a legitimate crisis … in 1998.

  1. Fox News Is the Devil

In an ocean of leftist news outlets Fox News is a lonely buoy that offers some right-of-center opinion. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) (aka Indian Princess Lies-Like-a-Rug) is only the latest example of the hate poured all over Fox, but according to CNN and other media outlets, Fox is a disease helping to spread all six of the phony crises listed above.

This is how intolerant the left and media are — they don’t even want one buoy in their ocean of lies.

Seriously, y’all, it’s all a hoax, it’s all fake news, and summer is on the horizon. So unless you live in a city like Baltimore, Chicago, or San Francisco — a city exclusively run by Democrats for the last 50 or so years that is now filled with poverty, the homeless, and poop;  take a vacation from the media, take a breath, take a step outside, and take a long look around… Life is good in Trump’s America, about as good as it gets… And all of this hysterical BS, this crises propaganda, these lies, are all being manufactured to take our eye off that fact.

The media cannot defeat Trump in 2020 based on the mostly positive results of his policies; they cannot argue against the first era of peace and prosperity we’ve enjoyed in almost two decades, so they’re trying to stress us out with these absurd hoaxes even though the planet is cooling, eggs are 98 cents a dozen, and our guys are not dying in futile overseas wars.

Experts Warn Murders Will Just Occur In Back Alleys If Murder Outlawed

Arwen~ So clever babylonbee!:)

May 15th, 2019

U.S.—Experts on murder rates in the United States have confirmed what we’ve all long suspected: banning murders is dangerous, because if we do so, murders will just occur in back alleys anyway.

Many states have begun passing laws against shooting, stabbing, or punching other humans to death. At first, this seemed like the obvious, humane thing to do in a civilized society. 

Not so fast, experts say. 

“Here’s the problem: if you ban murder, murder will happen anyway,” said Dr. Penny Lois, an expert in the field. “People are still going to break the law and murder other people. So the real question is, do we want murders to happen and be safe, legal, and rare, or do we want them to happen in a dark alley somewhere?”

Lois pointed out that it’s much safer for the murderer if they’re allowed to commit the killing in broad daylight and not behind a dilapidated warehouse in some remote, rural location.

“We need safe and legal murder access for everyone if we really want murder rates to go down in any significant way,” she said. “If you outlaw it, it’s gonna happen still. And we’d much rather it be done in, say, a brightly lit clinic during the day than behind a dumpster at night.”

“It’s better for everyone this way—well, except for the victim, but this isn’t about the victim.”

Jihadist declares he is in Canada to kill Asia Bibi, “send her to hell”

“And of course he is allowed on YouTube.”
Jamie Glazov


A jihadist “filmed a message making the rounds on the Internet this week saying he is in Canada to slay Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi, who was recently released from prison in Pakistan after spending nearly a decade on death row over false blasphemy allegations.” The unidentied man declared: “This message is for all the enemies of Islam and to the Jew government who helped her get out of Pakistan.”

Too many Westerners continue to deny the global jihad, it’s expansionary nature and the supremacy that undergirds it. To Islamic supremacists, it is an affront to their god and a deep insult to them personally that Asia Bibi is still alive. The jihadist declares in the video  to “tell the blasphemer that the honor of muslims is still alive.

Wilson Chowdhry, the British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA) chairman who advocated for Bibi’s release highlighted the danger of the global jihad and doctrine…

Pakistan has been relatively silent since the release of Asia Bibi, but international security agencies must not get complacent. Her release is a real bone of contention with the millions of radicalized Muslims across the globe who are waiting for an opportunity to assassinate Asia Bibi, or a mass terrorist strike in revenge for what they see as a perceived blasphemy.

It was bad enough that Bibi faced death threats in Pakistan. It is unconscionable that she faces still faces threats in Canada, a country that has not recognized the jihad threat under the government of Justin Trudeau and ascribes to open door immigration.

“Video: Islamist Intent on Killing Asia Bibi Claims He Is in Canada to ‘Send Her to Hell’”, by Edwin Mora, Breitbart, May 14, 2019:

An Islamist filmed a message making the rounds on the Internet this week saying he is in Canada to slay Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi, who was recently released from prison in Pakistan after spending nearly a decade on death row over false blasphemy allegations.

“This message is for all the enemies of Islam and to the Jew government who helped her get out of Pakistan,” the unidentified man declared, according to a translation provided by the British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA).

“To give Asia Bibi a terrible death and to send her to hell I also reached Canada last night,” he said, adding, “I am ready to die for the respect of Prophet Mohammed, and I will show that.”

The man also sings an Islamic chant honoring Muhammad and pledging to kill Bibi.

He sings, “The enthusiasm to die for the Prophet Mohammad will stay alive forever.”

Pakistan held Bibi for months after the highest court in the country cleared her in late October 2018. Authorities kept her in a secret location until last week when she was allowed to leave Pakistan and reunite with her family in Canada.

Angered by her acquittal, members of the anti-blasphemy Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) political party and other Islamists have threatened to kill Bibi, her family, and the judges and lawyers who helped her.

Citing the video on Tuesday, Wilson Chowdhry, the BPCA chairman who advocated for Bibi’s release, said his organization had shared its concerns about the Christian mother’s safety with American, British, Canadian, and Pakistani authorities.

Chowdhry declared:

Pakistan has been relatively silent since the release of Asia Bibi, but international security agencies must not get complacent. Her release is a real bone of contention with the millions of radicalized Muslims across the globe who are waiting for an opportunity to assassinate Asia Bibi, or a mass terrorist strike in revenge for what they see as a perceived blasphemy…..

DELINGPOLE: Ship of Fools III – Global Warming Study Cancelled Because of ‘Unprecedented’ Ice

Arwen~ Great article!



A global warming research study in Canada has been cancelled because of “unprecedented” thick summer ice.

Naturally, the scientist in charge has blamed it on ‘climate change.’

According to Vice:

The study, entitled BaySys, is a $17-million four-year-long program headed by the University of Manitoba. It was planning to conduct the third leg of its research by sending 40 scientists from five Canadian universities out into the Bay on the Canadian Research Icebreaker CCGS Amundsen to study “contributions of climate change and regulation on the Hudson Bay system.”

But it had to be cancelled because the scientists’ icebreaker was required by the Canadian Coast Guard for a rather more urgent purpose – rescuing fishing boats and supply ships which had got stuck in the “unprecedented ice conditions”.

“It became clear to me very quickly that these weren’t just heavy ice conditions, these were unprecedented ice conditions,” Dr. David Barber, the lead scientist on the study, told VICE. “We were finding thick multi-year sea ice floes which on level ice were five metres thick… it was much, much thicker and much, much heavier than anything you would expect at that latitude and at that time of year.”

Clearly not one to let a crisis go to waste, Barber seized the opportunity to perform the usual alarmist clown dance for the media, explaining why this incident definitely shows that global warming is a major problem and deserving of our urgent attention.

He told Vice:

“It was clear it was from the Arctic, I just needed to be among the ice to see it,” said Dr. Barber. “What was also clear to me was that climate change has caused this event to happen.”

[Don’t you just love that “I just needed to be among the ice”? I think what he’s trying in his subtle way to tell us is: “Not all superheroes wear capes”]

Warming to his theme, he told Global News:

“This is climate change fully in action – affecting our ability to make use of marine resources and transport things.”


“This is a wake-up call for all of us in the country.”

Of course it is. Now Barber has the perfect excuse to share his war stories with all the other global warming experts who have had their research expeditions/publicity stunts stymied by unseasonal bouts of global warming.

There was the Ship of Fools expedition in which an Australian climate researcher called Chris Turkey had to call an expedition to the melting Antarctic after his ship got stuck in the ice.

The Caitlin Expedition – supported by the Prince of Wales – in which Pen Haddow and his team had to abandon their trip to the North Pole because it was colder than they’d expected.

Most recently there was Ship of Fools II, in which a global warming research voyage by David Hempleman Adams had to be curtailed because of unexpected ice.

What on earth can Mother Gaia be trying to tell them?

Possibly the same message she’s trying to send out to the Greenies in California with this unexpected fall of white global warming.

A rare winter-like storm brought more snow to the Sierra Nevada on Monday, giving skiers the opportunity to enjoy the slopes as summer gets underway.

At Squaw Valley, the storm dropped four inches of snow at the upper elevations and two inches at the base, delighting skiers and snowboarders who will be on the slopes past the Fourth of July for a first time in history.

“It’s definitely unique,” Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows resort spokesman Sam Kieckhefer said. “We are seeing bathing suits and costumes on the slopes. The skiing has definitely been extremely festive.”

Apparently, she didn’t get the famous memo from the Independent a few years back.

Delingpole: Farage Spoke the Truth on Climate Change. Why Does No Other Politician Dare?

farage bus
Getty ImagAes

Arwen~ “Watermelon politics”is a brilliant term.
“The sample gives a snapshot of just how heavily watermelon politics – green on the outside, red on the inside – have penetrated our culture. ”


It’s time our politicians came clean on climate change.

We need to know exactly where they stand.

Are they for

a) junk science, cooked books, rigged data, old people dying in fuel poverty, landscapes trashed and wildlife slaughtered by bat-chomping bird-slicing eco-crucifixes, enriched crony capitalists, higher taxes, green ideologues making the rules, economic stagnation, wealth redistribution, brainwashed kids, academic corruption, the decline of the West?


b) economic growth, the scientific method, cheap energy, rising standards of living, deregulation, freedom, liberty, abundance, conservation, nature, prosperity, limited government?

You can be one or the other but you can’t be both any more than you can be half pregnant.

And it’s time we stopped indulging those politicians, especially on the conservative side of the argument, who pretend you can.

This is why I praised Nigel Farage for his sensible response at the weekend to a climate change question by a BBC interviewer.

BBC apparatchik Andrew Marr asked:

“Do you still believe that worrying about global warming is the stupidest thing in human history?”

Farage replied:

“I believe that if we decide in this country to tax ourselves to the hilt, to put hundreds of thousands of people out of work in manufacturing industries, given that we produce less than 2 per cent of global CO2, that isn’t terribly intelligent.”

When was the last time we heard such sense from a leading British Conservative politician? Sure, I’m aware that on the backbenches there are a few MPs like Owen Paterson – formerly the Environment Secretary – who understand that ‘climate change’ is the biggest scientific fraud – and arguably the worst case of government waste – in history.

But why aren’t we hearing it from any of the leading contenders to replace Theresa May as Prime Minister? 

It’s a measure of just how ideologically frivolous, how out of touch with the party base, how out of touch with reality that the Conservative government has grown that none of its senior figures is capable of articulating – or, apparently, even understanding – what the intelligent and proper conservative position should be on climate change.

And it doesn’t even require them to address the fraught issue of “the science,” which is far too complicated to address in a sound bite and is, therefore, best avoided.

That’s what was canny about Farage’s response – which is also, incidentally, the Donald Trump response: treat it as a question about practicality and about economics.

Breitbart London@BreitbartLondon

Delingpole: Viva #Brexit! Nigel Farage Totally Destroys BBC’s Andrew Marr …1317:56 AM – May 12, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacyDelingpole: Viva Brexit! Nigel Farage Totally Destroys BBC’s Andrew Marr”The BBC’s in denial. The Tory party’s in denial. Labour’s in denial. I think you’re in for a bigger surprise than you can even imagine.”breitbart.com60 people are talking about this

On the practicality front, as Farage implied, even if Britain were to decarbonise its entire economy it would still only shave off two per cent of global manmade CO2 emissions and therefore would be self-sacrificial and pointless.

On the economics front, climate change intervention means higher taxes and fewer jobs – neither of which any self-respecting Conservative administration should be championing.

But the Conservatives are still trying to live out David Cameron’s ‘greenest government ever’ fantasy. (Anyone remember David Cameron or know what became of him, btw?)

They actually imagine that – true to their spirit of their mentor Tony Blair – climate change is another of those issues on which they can triangulate.

A recent article in the Spectator by a senior adviser from the Energy and Environment Unit from the Conservatives’ favourite think tank Policy Exchange captures perfectly the fatuousness of their delusion.

It’s written by Benedict McAleenan – formerly an adviser to Biomass UK, so very much a creature of the Climate Industrial Complex – with the snappy, come-on title “It’s capitalism not socialism that will beat climate change.”

Then you read it and realise – nah, it’s actually just more turd-polished socialism he’s advocating.

It’s really about time that the Conservatives stopped trying to please the BBC and the Guardian and similar institutions which will always hate them, regardless – and wake up to what’s actually going on.

Breitbart London@BreitbartLondon

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Real damage is being done right now to Britain, its people, its economy, its integrity, its landscape, its wildlife and its future prospects by misguided climate change policy.

And it’s time that Conservatives paid less attention to David Attenborough’s tendentious bleatings and a bit more to the fact-driven postings of Britain’s most dedicated skewer of environmentalist myth: the great Paul Homewood.

Homewood deserves to be made the equivalent of a Hero of the Soviet Union for his Stakhanovite output.

The plenitude of his posts gives an idea of the scale of the problem and also of the degree to which climate propaganda is infecting every nook and cranny of our daily lives.

Let me sum up a few of his recent posts:

Climate Change Killing Frogs, Say BBC.
BBC quotes researcher claiming climate change is killing British frogs and demanding action be taken to “reverse human-driven climate change”. In fact, all the scientific evidence suggests that the ‘ranavirus’ was the result of human activity, probably importing frogs and fish.

BBC Claims Poor Countries Are Worse Off Because of Fossil Fuels
Marxist drivel, derived from computer models, with no economic basis whatsoever. In fact, India – one of the supposed victims – has grown massively more prosperous as a result of cheap, abundant energy and a growing global economy.

Guardian Lauds Coal Free Week- But Forgets To Mention Gas Supplied 49%!
‘Britain has gone a week without using coal to generate electricity for the first time since Queen Victoria was on the throne,” crows the Guardian. Yes, but at the cost of higher prices, more imported energy – and with fossil fuel gas and nuclear still propping up the bulk of Britain’s energy economy.

Govt May Curb Flying to Please Green Loons
The BBC’s house eco-loon Roger Harrabin reports:

Concerns over climate change might restrict the growth of flying in the UK, the government has admitted.

The advisory Committee on Climate Change (CCC) recently said the UK’s planned increase in aviation would need to be curbed to restrict CO2.


I have one very simple question. Why is the Department of Transport even talking to this tiny bunch of eco-loons, who call themselves Plan B?

Potty Wadhams and King Want to ‘Fix’ the Climate
Homewood is understandably critical of the following news from the BBC:

Scientists in Cambridge plan to set up a research centre to develop new ways to repair the Earth’s climate.

It will investigate radical approaches such as refreezing the Earth’s poles and removing CO2 from the atmosphere.

And rightly so. As he points out, the scientists pushing this scheme – Peter Wadhams (who lost all credibility on his predictions that Arctic ice would have vanished by now) and Sir David King – have a terrible track record on climate. It’s also worth asking: who is funding this nonsense? The taxpayer presumably.

The sample gives a snapshot of just how heavily watermelon politics – green on the outside, red on the inside – have penetrated our culture. Academic institutions have been suborned, our energy supply system has been corrupted, liberty (such as our freedom to fly as often as we wish) is being curtailed, the very fabric of nature is being tampered with, our state media is churning out the kind of relentless propaganda more normally associated with totalitarian regimes.

Environmentalism, in short, poses the most massive threat to our freedoms, the integrity of our institutions, our standard of living, our environment. And instead of standing up to it, our political class — even Conservatives who should know better — is saying to the minority of rabid eco-loons promoting this poisonous ideology “What more can we do to abase ourselves and meet your every perverted need?”

Breitbart London@BreitbartLondon

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Well enough, I say.

Environmental scepticism should not be an optional extra for any prospective leader hoping to steer Britain out of the mess it’s currently in towards a bright, independent, prosperous post-Brexit future.

And I’m damned if I’m going to support any candidate who doesn’t get it.

Conservatives are conservationists. But that’s not the same as being environmentalists. Environmentalism is a political philosophy which has almost nothing to do with saving the environment.

Farage and the Brexit Party (at least most of it: I have my doubts about that special forces guy) get this. So do Gerard Batten and UKIP. But the Conservatives don’t and I’ve had quite enough of their stupid games. Unless they start talking sense on this issue, they fully deserve the electoral oblivion that is fast coming their way.

Martel speaks.

The long slow march through institutions is now bearing fruit, the lecture halls are simply spoon fed echo chambers where contrary opinion is a sign of subhuman behaviour; and the moment people are regarded as sub-human which is quite a common stance amongst the self proclaimed progressives and liberals ( just look at the contempt among British progressives and liberals for those who had the temerity to vote for Brexit), then the gulags lie ahead…