UN tells Italy port closures would violate migrants’ rights


Rescued migrants desembark from the Mare Jonio rescue ship of the Italian NGO Mediterranea Saving Humans as it docked at the port of the Italian island of Lampedusa, southern Italy, Friday, May 10, 2019. (Elio Desiderio/ANSA via AP)

Nicole Winfield, The Associated Press 
Published Sunday, May 19, 2019  

ROME — The Italian interior ministry vowed Sunday to press ahead with a new decree formalizing the closure of Italian ports to aid groups that rescue migrants, even after U.N. human rights investigators said it violated international law.

Ministry officials said the security decree was “necessary and urgent” and was expected to be approved at a Cabinet meeting Monday.

In a May 15 letter to Italy’s government released Saturday, the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights urged Italy to withdraw the decree, calling it “yet another political attempt to criminalize search and rescue operations.”

The decree “further intensifies the climate of hostility and xenophobia against migrants,” said the letter, which was signed by several U.N. human rights rapporteurs.

It was issued as a ship carrying more than 40 migrants from the German aid group Sea-Watch remained off the island of Lampedusa waiting for a port to disembark its passengers. Sea-Watch said it had flouted Italy’s ban and entered Italian territorial waters on Saturday for humanitarian reasons.

Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, a hard-line populist, proposed the decree before the European Parliament elections this week, where nationalist, anti-migrant parties are hoping to make strong gains. Salvini’s League has soared in popularity in part because of his hard-line migration policy, which has involved boosting the Libyan coast guard’s ability to rescue migrants and bring them back.

Among other provisions, the decree leaves it to the interior minister to limit or prohibit entry into Italian territorial waters any ships for public security reasons. It foresees fines of up to 5,500 euros ($6,145) for each migrant transported.

The U.N. letter says the measures would violate migrants’ human rights, which are enshrined in U.N. conventions that Italy has signed. It said Italy is obliged to rescue migrants in distress and can’t impede others from doing so. And it says that Libya can’t be considered a safe port for migrants rescued at sea, particularly after the recent spike in fighting.

In a statement late Sunday, the Italian foreign ministry said the letter carried no juridical weight and suggested it was based on imprecise information. It noted that since Jan. 1, 2018, Italy has received eight such letters, whereas the U.S. has received 30, Britain 16 and France 12.

Interior ministry officials told journalists in a statement Sunday that Turkey and North Korea similarly punish border violations and that Italy has long had fines in its legal code, which have merely been updated.

“The hope is that the authoritative U.N. dedicates its energies to the humanitarian emergency in Venezuela rather than engage in electoral campaigning in Italy,” they said.

Meanwhile, British and French authorities have stopped 61 migrants who tried to cross the English Channel in five small boats over the weekend.

The British Home Office said 52 migrants on four boats were intercepted Saturday and Sunday off the Kent Coast and handed to immigration officials. The migrants said they were from Iraq and Iran.

The French maritime authority for the Channel and North Sea said a patrol ship spotted a boat carrying nine migrants Sunday off the coast of Cape of Gris-Nez. The nine were suffering light hypothermia and were handed over to border police in Calais.

Several of the migrants were children.

Illegal migrant crossings across the English Channel are on the rise in recent weeks despite joint British-French efforts to crack down on them.


Elizabeth May says Omar Khadr has “more class than whole f—king cabinet”

Arwen~ As distasteful as this is…Canadians need this reminder. Watch.

Global News · 2015-05-10


Merkel Bashes Populists, Calls for ‘Pro-Minority’ Europe of ‘Values’ Ahead of Elections

Michele Tantussi/Getty Images


Populists are the “enemy” of Europe and seek to destroy the continent’s globalist “values”, Angela Merkel has warned ahead of European Parliament elections this week.

Speaking in Zagreb at the weekend, the German Chancellor urged Croatians and other voters in Europe to shun pro-sovereignty, anti-mass migration political forces at the ballot boxes this week.

Patriotism and support for a federal European superstate in which national sovereignty has been transferred to Brussels are “not opposites”, said the chancellor, insisting: “Our values mean we can be proud of our own country and at the same time work to build Europe.

“There are populist currents that in many areas disdain these values, that want to destroy our European values,” said Merkel, pointing to fundamental human rights and the protection of minorities as examples of these.

“Nationalism is the enemy of the European project, and we have to make that clear in the last days before the election,” she added, stressing that Europe is a “project of peace”, a “project of freedom” and “the project of prosperity”.

The veteran German leader appeared at the rally alongside her fellow Christian Democratic Union (CDU) politician, Manfred Weber, the lead candidate of the EU Parliament’s neoliberal, so-called centre-right grouping.

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Opening the Borders ‘Not a Mistake’: Merkel Defends Migrant Crisis Decisions https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2019/05/02/merkel-defends-opening-german-border/ …268:30 AM – May 2, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacyOpening German Border ‘Not a Mistake’— Merkel Defends 2015 MovesMerkel defended her decision to open the German border in 2015, insisting welcoming more than 1m third world migrants was “not a mistake”.breitbart.com57 people are talking about this

On Saturday, Weber echoed Merkel’s message as he ruled out any cooperation with populists following this week’s vote, telling Croatian media: “Right-wing populists and extremists are those who want to destroy Europe, who are not believing any more in partnership on this continent and we will fight against them.”

At the same time as Merkel addressed a basketball court in Zagreb, patriotic, pro-national sovereignty parties met for a rally in Milan, where Italian deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini hit back at Brussels-backing establishment politicians.

“There is no far-right here, there is just politics of common sense,” he told crowds at the Piazza del Duomo, proclaiming that “The extremists are those who governed Europe for 20 years in the name of precariousness and poverty.”

Describing “the Europe of nations and people of which De Gasperi, De Gaulle, and Margaret Thatcher talked about” as “one of the most beautiful dreams”, the populist League minister called out globalist figures including Merkel, French leader Emmanuel Macron, and billionaire George Soros as “traitors” working to betray this vision “in the name of finance, of multinationalism, of money and uncontrolled immigration”.

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Italy’s Salvini: Merkel and Macron ‘Ruined’ Europe – ‘We Want Nothing to Do with You’ https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2019/05/17/salvini-to-macron-and-merkel-i-want-nothing-to-do-with-you/ …8409:00 AM – May 18, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacySalvini: Merkel and Macron ‘Ruined’ EU – ‘We Want Nothing to Do with You’Populist leader Matteo Salvini struck back at Angela Merkel after she attacked his party, saying she and Emmanuel Macron had “ruined” Europe.


France: hundreds of illegal migrants storm French airport, occupy an entire terminal


About 500 illegal African migrants stormed Charles de Gaulle airport in France, “occupying an entire terminal” and “demanding to meet with the country’s prime minister”, Edouard Philippe.

In a Forbes report in January of last year….

Eric Zammour, a prominent French figure, ignited considerable controversy on television and radio programs in which he blamed all the troubles of France on French Muslim communities, particularly from North Africa

The blame for France’s chaos and this latest airport hooliganism also lies on the shoulders of globalists who fought hard for suicidal open door immigration, which transported problems into France. Someone bellowed over loudspeaker at the airport: “France does not belong to the French! Everyone has a right to be here!”

Such words compliment those of leader Emmanuel Macron who said last August that “true” Frenchmen and Danes “do not exist”.

France has a big problem on its hands now with the new migrant support group, the “Black Vests” to counter the Yellow Vests.

Elections are around the corner so let’s hope that the French elect a leader who seeks the well-being of France, and begins to deport illegals and jihadists from its midst.

“Footage shows hundreds of migrants occupying French airport terminal”, by Tamar Lapin, May 19, 2019:

Video showed hundreds of illegal immigrants storming a French airport and occupying an entire terminal Sunday, demanding to meet with the country’s prime minister.

Footage posted on Twitter shows roughly 500 migrants chanting in Terminal 2 of the Charles de Gaulle airport as about a dozen police officers in tactical gear look on.

“France does not belong to the French! Everyone has a right to be here!” one person can be heard yelling into a loudspeaker.

The protest was organized by the migrant support group La Chapelle Debout, which said their members call themselves “Black Vests.”

The group comes amid the country’s months-long “Yellow Vests movement” over tax reforms. French citizens are required to carry yellow vests in their vehicles for emergencies.

In an official statement, the group asked to meet with Prime Minister Edouard Philippe over the country’s asylum policy as well as the leaders of Air France. They demanded that the airline “stop any financial, material, logistical or political participation in deportations.”

Later Sunday, an Air France delegation met with the group, a member told local newspaper Le Parisien.

A migrant who took part in the protest warned it wouldn’t be the last.

“We have targeted Air France, and other actions will follow,” he told the paper…


KINSELLA: JWR plans to ‘tell all’ if gag order lifted

Warren Kinsella

Published:May 21, 2019

Independent MP and former Minister of Justice Jody Wilson-Raybould speaks to reporters before Question Period on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, a day after being removed from the Liberal caucus.Justin Tang / The Canadian Press

The truth.

She says it’s true — the actions of the Liberal Prime Minister should be “of great concern for many Canadians, across the country.”

She says, truthfully, that Justin Trudeau has acted in a way that is “questionable.”

She says what happened her is “a wake-up call” — and, while she’s not happy about what Justin Trudeau did to her, she’s running again.

And — when, say, a Prime Minister Andrew Scheer gives her the legal green light to do so — she plans to tell all.

She plans to reveal what really happened “behind the veil” in Trudeau’s Ottawa.

The true story.

She’s Jody Wilson-Raybould, and she’s speaking out.

In an exclusive interview with the Toronto Sun this week, the former Attorney-General of Canada spoke at length about how she’s feeling, the issues she cares about, and what the future holds for the courageous woman who shook Canadian politics to its foundations in 2019.

It’s been quite a ride for Wilson-Raybould, the Member of Parliament who started the year as the most powerful lawyer in the land — and, just 100 days later, was expelled from the federal Liberal caucus.

For being a whistleblower on corruption. For speaking truth to power. For having the guts to say “no” to Justin Trudeau and the men around him, who refused to take “no” for an answer.

The fundamentals in the LavScam scandal, by now, are well-known.

For four months in 2018, Trudeau, the Minister of Finance, and their unelected apparatchiks bullied and threatened Wilson-Raybould, demanding that she rig the system to help a seamy Quebec company — SNC-Lavalin — escape criminal prosecution for corruption charges.

Wilson-Raybould refused to do so.

By the time the whole sordid affair lurched to a close, Wilson-Raybould and her cabinet ally Jane Philpott had been defamed, demeaned, and dumped from the Liberal caucus.

Trudeau had lost his two closest and most powerful advisors — Principal Secretary Gerald Butts and Clerk of the Privy Council Michael Wernick.

And the Liberal Party commenced a truly dramatic slide in the polls.

If an election was held today, in fact, Trudeau’s formerly-invincible party would suffer a humiliating loss to the Conservatives.

With the dust now settled, somewhat, what does Jody Wilson-Raybould think about it all?

“I am still somewhat sad,” she says.

“But, mostly, disappointed over what transpired the last number of months – given how I was removed from caucus through a questionable process and treated for doing what, at the end of the day, was the right thing to do, for the right reasons.”

She adds: “Having said that, I’m embracing my new position as an independent MP for Vancouver Granville and remain inspired by the incredible reception I’ve received from thousands of Canadians and their encouragement for me to stay in politics.”

Are they encouraging her to run again? Will she?

“My time in federal politics is not over,” Wilson-Raybould says, a bit mysteriously. “I will be making a decision shortly. Stay tuned.”

The LavScam scandal — more than the Aga Khan mess, more than the disastrous India trip, more than Trudeau’s policy fumbles on China, NAFTA, pipelines and federal-provincial relations — dealt the deadliest blow to the Liberal leader’s re-election hopes.

Before LavScam, most everyone had seen a second Trudeau majority government as inevitable.

Not now.

Wilson-Raybould agrees.

Says she: “[LavScam] was a wake up call for many – a peek behind the veil of how Ottawa works. I know, like me, many of the class of 2015 who came into federal politics for the first time truly believed there was a different way to do politics. We knew what this was supposed to mean. Unfortunately our experience did not match expectations or the standards we had set ourselves. The last months have led me – and I suspect many of my former colleagues, and I know countless Canadians – to pause and consider the way the system works.”

Can that system ever change? What needs to change? Wilson-Raybould doesn’t hesitate: politics which are “less partisan,” she says.

Freeing MPs to “truly represent their constituents.” And – contrary to what happens in Justin Trudeau’s Ottawa – a Parliament “where truth is expected.”

After all that has happened — after all that she has endured — does Jody Wilson-Raybould still have a truth to tell?

If Justin Trudeau is defeated, and his successor removes the cabinet confidence/solicitor-client privilege gag he’s slapped on her, will Wilson-Raybould finally tell us what happened “behind the veil?”

Jody Wilson-Raybould doesn’t hesitate about that, either.

“I will speak the truth,” she says, adding that she will certainly do so — when she is finally “free to do so.”

Promise to give Jody Wilson-Raybould the freedom to speak her truth, Andrew Scheer.

Put it in your election platform.

The truth, as they say, will set you free.

It may get you elected Prime Minister, too. https://torontosun.com/news/national/kinsella-jwr-plans-to-tell-all-if-gag-order-lifted