Exclusive — Marine Le Pen: Emmanuel Macron Should ‘Definitely’ Resign, But He ‘Has Neither the Honesty to Do It, Nor the Panache’

Arwen~ “A globalist is a globalist is a globalist”

Excerpt from article:

Le Pen has been campaigning on the narrative that the battle is no longer between the traditional left and right, but instead between the top and bottom—a globalists versus nationalists fight—and the contrast offers voters in elections around the world a clear choice.

“Globalism is a post-national spirit,” Le Pen said when asked to explain the differences between globalism and nationalism. “It carries a notion that borders must disappear, including the protection that such borders usually brings to a nation. It carries the concept that overwhelming markets decide about everything. This concept about globalism is pushed by technocrats that are never elected and they are the typical type of person who runs things in Brussels in the European Union. The people that believe in nations—the nationalists—it’s the exact opposite. They believe that nations are the most efficient way to protect national security, prosperity, and identity to make sure that people will prosper in the nations.”

Le Pen, when asked by Breitbart News about how some critics of nationalism point to the dark history of nationalism in Europe to criticize it, shot down such criticisms as efforts to defame those who believe in the ideology.

“The objective of the globalists is to discredit anyone who defends a nation, and to shame them or to defame them,” Le Pen said. “It’s specifically because a nation is the ground where democracy applies, where the people can decide. They do know that the people in fact do not agree with globalism.” https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/05/27/exclusive-marine-le-pen-emmanuel-macron-should-definitely-resign-but-he-has-neither-the-honesty-to-do-it-nor-the-panache/?fbclid=IwAR3cQcO-yPhwYd7yzZLfQ_Xci9bmuZymkZ4BU3O9GOsp7CIo9YVmViYEH4Q