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There is enough evidence against SNC-Lavalin for the engineering corporation to be tried on fraud and bribery charges, a Quebec court judge has ruled. 

SNC-Lavalin spent months lobbying the federal government to avoid finding itself in this position. It hoped to use a new legal mechanism — a deferred prosecution agreement (DPA) — to pay a fine rather than risk conviction. 

But its efforts ignited a major political scandal in Ottawa when the former attorney general, Jody Wilson-Raybould, accused the Prime Minister’s Office of pressuring her to arrange a deal for SNC-Lavalin. 

The court’s decision was handed down in Montreal on Wednesday. It followed an extended preliminary inquiry into accusations from federal prosecutors in 2015. 

They allege SNC-Lavalin paid around $48 million in bribes to Libyan officials between 2001 and 2011, a violation of the Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act.

Federal prosecutors also allege SNC-Lavalin defrauded a number of Libyan institutions out of $130 million over the same period.


Former Canadian PM Goes Viral After Insulting Entire Arab world In Defense For Israel

Watch: Canada’s Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper on why he is a friend of Israel despite the lies of the Palestinians, the media and the UN. 
He says those who do not support Israel are ignorants who know nothing about the Middle East and Western civilization. 
Israel is one of the most free and most prosperous countries in the world. Not only is Israel a booming economy and a wellspring of innovation, it is the only democracy in the Middle East. So why is it so controversial to support the Jewish state? Stephen Harper, the 22nd Prime Minister of Canada, lays out several fundamental truths about America’s most critical ally. 

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Senate Question Period – May 28, 2019

Two weeks ago we learned that two individuals were arrested in Richmond Hill, Ontario for possessing explosives. We now know that the FBI is involved. Today I asked Senator Harder why the Trudeau Government continues to say that this is a “local matter”.