Jordan Peterson Announces Free Speech Platform ‘Thinkspot’

By Alexander Hall | June 12, 2019 2:22 PM EDT

An upcoming free speech platform promises to provide users the best features of other social media, but without the censorship.

The subscription based “anti-censorship” platform “Thinkspot” is being created by popular psychologist Dr. Jordan B. Peterson. It’s being marketed as a free speech alternative to payment processors like Patreon in that it will “monetize creators” and as provide a social media alternative to platforms like Facebook and YouTube. 

Peterson discussed Thinkspot with podcaster Joe Rogan on June 9, emphasizing a radically pro-free speech Terms of Service. He described that freedom as the “central” aspect saying, “once you’re on our platform we won’t take you down unless we’re ordered to by a US court of law.”

That will be a profound contrast to platforms that ban users for “misgendering” people who identify as trans, or for tweeting “learn to code” at fired journalists. 

The only other major rule on comments he mentioned was that they need to be thoughtful. Rather than suggesting that some opinions are “off limits,” Peterson said they will have a minimum required length so one has to put thought into what they write.
“If minimum comment length is 50 words, you’re gonna have to put a little thought into it,” Peterson said. “Even if you’re being a troll, you’ll be a quasi-witty troll.”

All comments on the website will have a voting feature “and if your ratio of upvotes to downvotes falls below 50/50 then your comments will be hidden, people will still be able to see them, if they click, but you’ll disappear.” He later added a caveat saying that was still being mulled over and that “We don’t know if 50/50 is right.”

The platform, with its subscription-based service, will also directly subsidize content creators.

Peterson said that a handful of major free speech proponents including Dave Rubin, Michael Shermer are on board to be beta testers for Thinkspot.

Peterson’s daughter Mikhaila spoke encouraged podcast listeners to sign up as testers for the platform in its current beta phase, before the intended August 2019 launch.

“We’re in desperate need for a platform that doesn’t arbitrarily decide to throw people off because of random crowd mentality,” she said.

On Twitter, Peterson also called for beta testers on June 10, “Per the Joe Rogan podcast this week, I’m backing a new platform called thinkspot, currently in Beta. Get on the waitlist here, exciting announcements coming very soon.“

CPC Hangs Salim Mansur out to dry.

Mark Friesen

Published on Jun 11, 2019

Disgusting show of political correctness in the CPC party. They had a phenomenal candidate and for the sake of political correctness, hung him out to dry

Canadian Conservative Party Rejects Muslim Reformer

(Photo: Pixabay)
(Photo: Pixabay)

Since when does the Islamist lobby dictate the Canadian Conservative Party agenda? 

If ever you wanted to know about Canadian politics and history, Canadian values, Islamic history, the distinction between Islam and Islamism, multiculturalism and above all, freedom, Professor Salim Mansur is your man.

A recently retired Western University professor and a leader in the Muslim reform movement, Mansur announced his candidacy for the Conservative Party of Canada last September in his electoral district, London North Centre.

In fact all I have learned about conservative values and policies has been through the writings and speeches of Professor Mansur, a devout Muslim, loving father and family man.

As a Canadian, I’m deeply disappointed and troubled by the breaking news that Professor Mansur’s nomination has been “disallowed” by the National Candidate Selection Committee of the Canadian Conservative Party (CPC).

While no specific reason was mentioned in the correspondence sent to Professor Mansur, a respected and trusted member of the Canadian Conservative Party informed Mansur that the party was concerned that his writings and presentations against Islamism and radical Muslims could be painted by opposing parties as “Islamophobic.”

If this is the case, then we are finished.

Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, president of American Islamic Forum for Democracy writes, “If conservatives don’t have the spine to ‘allow’ candidacy of pro-Western Muslims while Islamists run roughshod on the Left …We. Are. Doomed.”

Professor Mansur has been a steady and reasoned voice against radical Islam and its tentacles in the West. He is the author of books that clearly expose the Islamist agenda. He specifically differentiates between Islam (as a faith) and Islamism (political Islam) as an ideology.

He is a proud Canadian upholding the Canadian values that brought people like us to this country – the values of free speech, gender equality, human rights and democracy. His main ideals are about Canadian security and a Canada that will remain “strong and free.”

So the question begs to be asked: Why are we headed on the path of appeasing the Muslim Brotherhoodagenda?

The fact that Professor Mansur’s candidacy for the Canadian Conservative Party has been “disallowed” is not only a loss for the party itself, but it’s a gain for the Islamists and radicals.

If the Canadian Conservative Party waffles on its own core principles, they will never win the hearts and minds of Canadians. Once again we have been let down by our own.

However like a true Canadian, this is Professor Salim Mansur’s response:

Salim Mansur@SalimMansurLNC

I’m disappointed with CPC disallowing my candidacy, yet hopeful conservatives will persevere. I’ll have more to say about this & my role in 2019 election. Thanks to all for love & support. This setback won’t derail me to help rescue our Canada from Islamism & Globalism.1,39611:01 PM – Jun 10, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacy659 people are talking about this

Arwen~What is the point of having a party and calling themselves “Conservatives” if they do not stand up and fight for Canadians? They are becoming irrelevant. Media or left politicians attacks happens consistently against the right…if you don’t push back or even bothering to show up, they win…period. Every time the CPC kowtow to political correctness or a potential push back from the MSM or the left, they lose ground and it becomes increasingly harder if not impossible to recover that ground. That is where they are heading with their treatment of Salim Mansur and other CPC candidates that have been dismissed, chastising and punishing MP Michael Cooper as well as Sen. Lynn Beyak…all political correctness responses toward each one of them. I am done with the CPC’s ….and will be supporting the PPC party with Maxime Bernier.

Feminist Explains Why She Left the Social Justice ‘Cult’

Jon Miltimore | May 19, 2017

Feminist Explains Why She Left the Social Justice ‘Cult’

Earlier this week, one of our readers shared with me a Medium story written by Keri Smith, titled “On Leaving the SJW Cult and Finding Myself.”

A feminist and co-founder of Whitesmith Entertainment Inc., a talent management company, Smith explains her decision to abandon the Social Justice movement. It’s one of the more honest and thoughtful essays I’ve read in a while.  

Smith clearly didn’t make this decision lightly. But it appears her choice to shed her “ideological prison” was motivated by two trends she’s noticed in “social justice warriors” (SJWs)–or, if you prefer, members of the “Regressive Left”–and the Social Justice movement:

  1. Social justice advocates show a religious-like intolerance for those with whom they disagree, which sometimes manifests itself in unbridled bouts of emotion:

“I see increasing numbers of so-called liberals cheering censorship and defending violence as a response to speech. I see seemingly reasonable people wishing death on others and laughing at escalating suicide and addiction rates of the white working class. I see liberal think pieces written in opposition to expressing empathy or civility in interactions with those with whom we disagree. I see 63 million Trump voters written off as “nazis” who are okay to target with physical violence. I see concepts like equality and justice being used as a mask for resentful, murderous rage.”

  1. The social justice ideology dehumanizes political opponents:

“How easy is it for ordinary humans to commit atrocious acts? History teaches us it’s pretty damn easy when you are blinded to your own hypocrisy. When you believe you are morally superior, when you have dehumanized those you disagree with, you can justify almost anything. In a particularly vocal part of the left, justification for dehumanizing and committing violence against those on the right has already begun.”

We’ve seen the endgame of such ideologies—or, as Smith suggests, such “cults.” Which begs the question: Is the Social Justice Movement really a quasi-religious cult? Smith believes it is, complete with indoctrination and religious dogma.

“The ideology is post-modernist cultural marxism, and it operates as a secular religion. Most are indoctrinated in liberal elite colleges, though many are being indoctrinated online these days. It has its own dogma and jargon, meant to make you feel like a good person, and used to lecture others on their ‘sin.’ “Check your privilege”- much like “mansplaining” and “gaslighting”- all at one time useful terms- have over time lost a lot of their meaning.”

Smith is not the first person to argue that there is a religious nature in the movement. NYU psychologist Jonathan Haidt, for one, has described it as an “extremely intense, fundamental social justice religion.” But Smith’s insights are unique in that her perspective comes as a former social justice advocate.   

So what does life look like as a former “SJW”? Smith’s testimony on this point is telling (and quite lovely):

“Since shedding the prison of my former ideology, I have a renewed passion for reading, a newfound interest in philosophy, psychology, history and spirituality. Instead of trying to fix others, these days I try to focus on improving myself, which I can tell you is a *much* harder though less futile endeavor. I question myself daily. I try to make a gratitude list daily.”

Mic drop.

On Leaving the SJW Cult and Finding Myself Keri Smith May 13, 2017