Police on Guard for Thee

January 6 at 10:00 AM  · Since the formation of our group, and our initial request for clarification regarding the constitutionality of the public health measures, there have been a number of unfortunate incidents that could have been prevented. In Gatineau, Windsor, Cobourg, and Minden, we have seen police officers and members of the public being put in difficult positions that have not ended well.Warrantless entries when citizens peacefully assemble, restrictions on religious worship, and being tasered or shot for not wearing a mask. Is this Canada?Police on Guard for Thee is extremely concerned about these events.Right now, in Toronto there are Paid Duty Officers detailed to patrol tobogganing hills and outdoor skating rinks. At the same time a report on CP24 indicates that up to $340 million dollars could be diverted from the services budget.How can the City of Toronto use tax payers’ dollars to hire off duty officers to enforce public health measures on one hand, and talk about cutting a quarter of the operating budget in the same breath?https://torontosun.com/…/confusion-swirls-over-citys…https://www.cp24.com/…/up-to-340m-could-be-diverted…

Confusion swirls over city's hockey, tobogganing crackdown
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