Regulator investigating 2 Ont. nurses who travelled to D.C. rally promoting ‘COVID fraud’ conspiracy

Arwen~ Cancel culture happening with these caring and brave nurses. Anyone that goes against the current narrative and push is delegitimized, smeared and their character assassinated When you see this happening, there is truth being shared and the powers that be will do anything to shut down truth tellers. In the facebook links below, the ladies from the “Frontline” share their stories and why they are compelled to act and speak out.

Regulator investigating 2 Ont. nurses who travelled to D.C. rally promoting ‘COVID fraud’ conspiracy | CBC News

Frontline Truth PT 1 – Agendas and critical thinking with ladies of the Frontline.Frontline Truth PT 1 – Agendas and critical thinking with ladies of the Frontline

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Frontline Truth PT 2 – Agendas and critical thinking with ladies of the Frontline. Sous titre francais.Frontline Truth PT 2 – Agendas and critical thinking with ladies of the Frontline

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A president for all Americans who think like him

Fears for freedom and justice under a Democrat administration are already proving justified

Melanie Phillips Jan 12

Even before the transfer of power in America due on January 20, it’s already horribly clear that fears for the future of freedom and justice under a Democrat administration, with the broader forces of the left now unconstrained, are justified.
Most attention is understandably being directed at the clampdown on free speech by big tech after last week’s Capitol riot, and on the determination of Speaker Nancy Pelosi et al to impeach President Trump for a second time over his behaviour on that awful day.
We can already see that it’s not just Trump who is in the sights of the Democrats and the oligarchs of the left. It is also conservatives in general, the police, the US constitution and the indivisible principles of freedom, justice and equality.
President-elect Joe Biden’s statement after the storming of the Capitol was a shocking indication of how this is going to play out. With a police officer having been killed in the riot, and with graphic evidence of the onslaught on the wholly outnumbered and inadequate police force (another story), Biden actually accused the police of being soft on the rioters and, quite incredibly, accused them of racial discrimination. 
Referring to a text conversation he’d had with his grand-daughter, comparing how law enforcement officers were treating the Capitol rioters with the way in which Black Lives Matters activists had been treated during last year’s demonstrations over the death of George Floyd, Biden said:

She sent me a photo of military people in full military gear. Scores of them lining the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Because of protests by Black Lives Matter. She said, “Pop. This isn’t fair.”

No one can tell me that if it had been a group of Black Lives Matter protesting yesterday, they wouldn’t have been treated very, very differently from the mob of thugs that stormed the Capitol. We all know that’s true. And it’s unacceptable. Totally unacceptable.

Quite apart from the slander against the Capitol police force which had been unprepared and ill-equipped to defend itself against murderous attack, the hypocrisy of this attempt to racialise disorder is astounding. During long periods last year, a number of American cities were subjected to anarchic rioting, arson, assaults and the attempted exclusion of the police, perpetrated by Antifa and Black Lives Matter in the name of “anti-racism”.  In Portland, Oregon alone, more than 277 police officer injuries were reported by the Department of Homeland Security, and hundreds of further police injuries were reported in other cities.
 Yet despite the violence and the fact that BLM is a racially bigoted, antisemitic outfit pledged to the revolutionary overthrow of white society, the nuclear family and capitalism, Democrat politicians supported these insurgents. As Andy Ngo, the reporter who closely followed these riots, has written
Vice President-elect Kamala Harris encouraged her millions of Twitter followers to donate to a Minnesota crowd-funding effort that paid bail for accused rioters. So, too, did more than a dozen Joe Biden campaign staffers.…
Local politicians at the time condemned law enforcement and lionised the criminals. Portland city councilwoman Jo Ann Hardesty spread a conspiracy theory that police were engaging in false-flag arson attacks to frame left-wing protesters. Mayor Ted Wheeler told President Trump in a news conference to take his “troops” and leave. Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden called the officers an “occupying army.” Oregon Gov. Kate Brown described them as “secret police abducting people in unmarked vehicles.
”The BLM agenda promulgates the orthodoxy on the left that white society is inherently racist and that any disadvantages suffered by ethnic minorities are the fault of “white privilege”. Now Biden has indicated that his presidency will institutionalise this distorted BLM thinking. On Friday, he announced that his proposed trillion-dollar Covid-19 relief package would discriminate in favour of ethic minorities. He said:
Our priority will be Black, Latino, Asian, and Native American owned small businesses, women-owned businesses, and finally having equal access to resources needed to reopen and rebuild.
He is thus pledging to discriminate against white small-business owners who equally need such Covid relief — and then has the gall to present this as tackling racial inequality.
Next, look at the behaviour of Speaker Pelosi, whose four-year campaign to oust Trump from office (on the grounds, it would seem, that he abused the US constitution simply by virtue of having been elected president) has now reached its hysterical apogee with her attempt to impeach him for the second time. Pelosi told her Democratic colleagues that, after the Capitol riot, she had spoken to Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, “to discuss available precautions for preventing an unstable president from initiating military hostilities or accessing the launch codes and ordering a nuclear strike.”

But this was an abuse of her own constitutional power, which is limited to leading the legislative branch unless both the president and vice-president are incapacitated or removed from office — in which case she is third in line for the presidency. As the Wall Street Journal commented: 

Mrs. Pelosi’s call to Gen. Milley is itself a violation of the separation of powers by seeking to inject herself into an executive-branch military decision. She can offer advice all she wants, but this call at this time has the sound of an order. It might even be construed by some as its own little coup — conniving with the military to relieve of command the person who remains the elected president.
What if an adversary leaps on the news and decides this is the moment to stage some military action when the US is consumed with internal conflict? Does Gen. Milley now have to consult with the Speaker before he acts in America’s defence? How anyone thinks her intervention would restore good constitutional order to government or some modicum of sanity to politics is a mystery.
Trump may be the Democrats’ principal obsession, but their target range is far broader. They and their left-wing supporters have used the killing of police officer Brian Sicknick during the storming of the Capitol to vilify Trump supporters as the enemy within. Pelosi described his death as a reminder of the need to “protect our country from all threats, foreign and domestic.”  But Sicknick was himself a vehement Trump supporter. The New York Post reports that
… he had written letters to his congressman opposing Trump’s impeachment. Like many Trump supporters who are now being censored, he ­believed that the system is fundamentally rigged in favour of a narrow elite. He had used fiery rhetoric, even called for regime change in America. More than 70 million Americans voted for Trump at November’s election. Yet it would appear that the Democrats and their henchmen now intend to “cancel” anyone who either voted for or supported Trump, simply for holding views they oppose.
 Democrat Congressman Bennie Thompson, who chairs the Committee on Homeland Security, has said astonishingly that Republican Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, who led the  attempt to stop the certification of the election result and called for a congressional inquiry into the claims that it was fraudulent, should therefore be treated as terrorists and placed on a “No-fly”
And Democrat Senators Sherrod Brown and Patty Walsh said that Hawley and Cruz should resign or be expelled from the Senate.
Meanwhile the editor of Forbes, Randall Lane, has urged companies to blacklist anyone who worked for the Trump administration. 
Business Insider reports:
Businesses that choose to hire Trump spokespeople will, the editor said, be held to close scrutiny. “Forbes will assume that everything your company or firm talks about is a lie,” the magazine’s editor, Randall Lane, wrote. “We’re going to scrutinizse, double-check, investigate with the same skepticism we’d approach a Trump tweet.”
In the article titled “A Truth Reckoning: Why We’re Holding Those Who Lied For Trump Accountable,” Lane reflected on the lies that spurred rioters to ransack the US Capitol. The easiest way for American democracy to recover from the insurrection, he wrote, is to “create repercussions for those who don’t follow the civic norms.” 
In the Forbes article, Lane called out by name Trump’s press secretaries Sean Spicer, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Stephanie Grisham, and Kayleigh McEnany as well as Trump’s former White House counsellor, Kellyanne Conway, a group to which he referred as “ Trump’s fellow fabulists.
”It’s clear that the reason the left so badly need to make Trump disappear is not just his behaviour over the Capitol riot but what he represents. The people who now have a target on their backs are all those who either supported or voted for him — and beyond them, all who have views which threaten to get in the way of the Democrats’ agenda, gleefully trumpeted by the current Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer:
Now we take Georgia, then we change America!
It’s not enough just to take the White House. The Democrats and their supporters are intent upon stepping up their onslaught on core western principles; and the people now squarely in their target range are conservatives, anxious to conserve the west and its values.
The Democrats are not the party of healing and reconciliation. They are the party of division, resentment and vindictiveness. And the identity politics agenda they plan to implement, aided by the rest of the cultural oligarchy, will institutionalise those social pathologies and inflict them upon the American public.

Biden has said he will be a “President for all Americans”. What he actually means is that he will be a president for all the people who think like him. We can now see what’s coming for those who don’t.

Some Police Officers are Pushing back Against Authoritarian Laws

Dec 22

Although police across Canada have taken a lot of heat recently from conservative Canadians for the enforcement of COVID laws, one Ontario police officer is speaking out against Ontario Premier, Doug Ford, and the Ontario government for their use of “arbitrary emergency powers.”In a widely circulated letter directed at citizens of Ontario, police chiefs and associations, Ontario politicians, and public health officials, and the author named only as “Police on Guard for Thee” points to the recent incident in Calgary involving a young adult male being arrested for not handing over ID when being ticketed for breaking COVID gathering restrictions, as peaking his concerns of enforcing these same sort of rules in Ontario.
The unnamed officer states:

After the unfortunate events in Calgary, the time for action is now. I have serious concerns over Premier Ford’s decision to expand further restrictions that put law enforcement officers in an untenable situation that must be avoided. 

The officer goes on to call on stakeholders in the judicial system, independent from politicians and bureaucrats, to come together to discuss the “lawfulness of these measures” alluding to many of the restrictions on social gathering, mandatory mask wearing, and closure of many small businesses.


The officer also demands that until men and women in law enforcement can be given concise and clear directions on the enforcement of COVID laws there needs to be a total moratorium on their enforcement as they see the current laws as being dubious in their legality. 

At one point the author asks the question:

Are police officers supposed to uphold the Charter which they have taken an oath to protect? Ord do Municipal By Laws supersede the Constitution? 

Public trust in police is something the author of the letter notes as one of their key motivations, and going on to say that Ontarians deserve to have transparency from their elected officials and law enforcement officials – a reference to the fly-by-night fashion new restrictions have been put in place, and the lack of evidence showing certain restrictions will have a measurable affect on reducing the increase of COVID cases. %

The officer ends the letter stating: “What happened in Calgary cannot happen again. Never in my life did I think I would see police officers threatening to taser and arrest kids playing pond hockey.” 

At the very least the wide circulation this letter has had in Ontario and the rest of Canada shows that it isn’t just members of the general public that are getting frustrated with COVID restrictions, but bubbling under the service may be discontent from a significant portion of Canadian police departments. 

It also is not a very good look for Ford’s government Ontario police departments that the officer who is calling out the new laws as being unconstitutional does not feel comfortable making their identity publicly know, likely fearing punishment for disagreeing with the government’s laws openly

The full statement from the unnamed officer can be found below.

Screen Shot 2020-12-22 at 4.18.06 PM.png

Some Police Officers are Pushing back Against Authoritarian Laws — The National Telegraph

“The Fall of Rome”~by Martel

 We see ourselves as the heirs to Rome without thinking too much as to the implications of such as assumption; and at this moment in time our democracy is hanging by a thread as a direct consequence of the choices our politicians and their allies have made. Our Rome will fall and one of the reasons for this is the undermining of the democratic process. “

Democracy rests on what is known as loser’s consent, ie the losing side accepting the result of a democratic vote. That consent has gone, but it did not disappear on the steps of the Capitol building in Washington DC, it disappeared when the pro Remain side refused to accept the result of the 2016 Brexit Referendum, it disappeared when Clinton and her supporters did not accept the result of the 2016 US presidential election….

So, in light the gathering narrative that has seen the end of loser’s consent were the events at the Capitol, given the febrile nature of politics in the West, really so surprising? For if it is acceptable for Clinton and the New York Times and the Hollywood luvvies to withhold their consent why is it not acceptable for Joe Average from the rust belt to, in turn, withhold his consent? “

Trump and the fall of the republic

Trump’s presidency echoes the crisis that once gripped Ancient Rome

.DAVID ENGELS12th January 2021Trump and the fall of the republicShareTopicsPOLITICSUSA

I always thought there was a revealing historical comparison to be drawn between Donald Trump’s presidency and the last years of the Roman Republic. This was the period when ‘populist’ tribunes such as Catiline or Clodius, not dissimilar to Trump, rebelled against the Roman senatorial oligarchy and its close ties to the financial elites of the time. In doing so, they combined ambition, demagogy, reformist aspirations and genuine social concern. And like Trump, they failed miserably.

Indeed, the terror of the Black Lives Matter riots and the chaotic storming of the Capitol last week are all fatally reminiscent of those months of bloody confrontations between Clodius, the populist ‘enfant terrible’ of the Roman ruling class, and his adversary, the political agitator Milo and his gangs of armed slaves and thugs, who were backed by the senate oligarchy. And like Trump’s opponents today, Milo and his backers had complete control over the institutions of the republic. This meant they were able to drive Clodius and his followers from the streets and the public buildings they occupied.

Admittedly, the populist Clodius, unlike Trump, made little effort to pursue a culturally conservative agenda, and the aristocratic Milo would probably never have mocked his civilisation’s own history the way BLM activists do

Nevertheless, the parallels run deep. For we also find in late republican Rome the increasing erosion of traditional party antagonisms, through cartel thinking and ‘grand coalitions’; the systematic exclusion and thus political radicalisation of any opposition; and, finally, the instrumentalisation of the ‘street’ for political struggle. And it was not only the alleged populists who were mobilising popular protest; the established parties were also doing it in the shape of Milo’s thugs. Just as today the American political establishment uses Antifa or the BLM movement.

But what is even more illuminating in this comparison is the ultimate political result of the brief populist adventure in late republican Rome — namely, the way in which it cohered an endangered political elite and allowed it to use a state of emergency to advance its own ends. Thus, the assassination of Clodius in 52 BCE was followed by the appointment of Pompey, a leading Roman general, as consul without colleague. This was unheard of in Rome’s political history, as it disregarded the republic’s long-standing separation of powers, anticipating an essential feature of the soon-to-come empire.

Pompey, although he had secretly fuelled the conflict between Clodius and Milo, presented himself as an impartial ‘mediator’ between the Roman populists and the aristocrats. But under the pretext of fighting the ‘troublemakers’ by means of special police forces and legal courts, he quickly got rid of his own political opponents. Likewise, we can expect Joe Biden, who also presents himself as a man of the ‘centre’, to use the fallout from the riot on Capitol Hill to manoeuvre against his own opponents, just as in ‘Old Europe’, too, we will witness the growing political repression of conservative populists. The state of emergency provided by the pandemic is likely to provide interesting institutional conditions for this counter-populist offensive.

However, anyone who believes that the impending victory of the political establishment will last long is mistaken. The American ‘deplorables’, as well as the French gilets jaunes or the German Wutbürger, will not be going anywhere. And for as long as they exist as sizable political constituencies, they will be available to all those who have understood that the political struggle of the future will probably no longer be decided by elections and institutions, but, as in late republican Rome, by charismatic leadership, public opinion, financial power and street pressure.

In Ancient Rome, remember, the brief calm of Pompey’s sole consulship was followed all too quickly by Julius Caesar’s revolt, which in 49 BCE initiated more than 20 years of partly overt, partly covert civil war. That only came to an end when the weary antagonists finally submitted to the compromise rule of Augustus, who skilfully manoeuvred between populism and cultural conservatism and convinced the people to sacrifice their dangerous liberty to the stability of the Empire. The question we should ask ourselves now is from where Europe’s Caesar, and thus the next stage of today’s conflict, will come.

David Engels is chair of Roman history at the University of Brussels (ULB), and research professor at the Instytut Zachodni. He is the author of Le Déclin: La Crise de l’Union Européenne et la Chute de la République Romaine.

Trump and the fall of the republic – spiked (

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