Some Police Officers are Pushing back Against Authoritarian Laws

Dec 22

Although police across Canada have taken a lot of heat recently from conservative Canadians for the enforcement of COVID laws, one Ontario police officer is speaking out against Ontario Premier, Doug Ford, and the Ontario government for their use of “arbitrary emergency powers.”In a widely circulated letter directed at citizens of Ontario, police chiefs and associations, Ontario politicians, and public health officials, and the author named only as “Police on Guard for Thee” points to the recent incident in Calgary involving a young adult male being arrested for not handing over ID when being ticketed for breaking COVID gathering restrictions, as peaking his concerns of enforcing these same sort of rules in Ontario.
The unnamed officer states:

After the unfortunate events in Calgary, the time for action is now. I have serious concerns over Premier Ford’s decision to expand further restrictions that put law enforcement officers in an untenable situation that must be avoided. 

The officer goes on to call on stakeholders in the judicial system, independent from politicians and bureaucrats, to come together to discuss the “lawfulness of these measures” alluding to many of the restrictions on social gathering, mandatory mask wearing, and closure of many small businesses.


The officer also demands that until men and women in law enforcement can be given concise and clear directions on the enforcement of COVID laws there needs to be a total moratorium on their enforcement as they see the current laws as being dubious in their legality. 

At one point the author asks the question:

Are police officers supposed to uphold the Charter which they have taken an oath to protect? Ord do Municipal By Laws supersede the Constitution? 

Public trust in police is something the author of the letter notes as one of their key motivations, and going on to say that Ontarians deserve to have transparency from their elected officials and law enforcement officials – a reference to the fly-by-night fashion new restrictions have been put in place, and the lack of evidence showing certain restrictions will have a measurable affect on reducing the increase of COVID cases. %

The officer ends the letter stating: “What happened in Calgary cannot happen again. Never in my life did I think I would see police officers threatening to taser and arrest kids playing pond hockey.” 

At the very least the wide circulation this letter has had in Ontario and the rest of Canada shows that it isn’t just members of the general public that are getting frustrated with COVID restrictions, but bubbling under the service may be discontent from a significant portion of Canadian police departments. 

It also is not a very good look for Ford’s government Ontario police departments that the officer who is calling out the new laws as being unconstitutional does not feel comfortable making their identity publicly know, likely fearing punishment for disagreeing with the government’s laws openly

The full statement from the unnamed officer can be found below.

Screen Shot 2020-12-22 at 4.18.06 PM.png

Some Police Officers are Pushing back Against Authoritarian Laws — The National Telegraph


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