“The Fall of Rome”~by Martel

 We see ourselves as the heirs to Rome without thinking too much as to the implications of such as assumption; and at this moment in time our democracy is hanging by a thread as a direct consequence of the choices our politicians and their allies have made. Our Rome will fall and one of the reasons for this is the undermining of the democratic process. “

Democracy rests on what is known as loser’s consent, ie the losing side accepting the result of a democratic vote. That consent has gone, but it did not disappear on the steps of the Capitol building in Washington DC, it disappeared when the pro Remain side refused to accept the result of the 2016 Brexit Referendum, it disappeared when Clinton and her supporters did not accept the result of the 2016 US presidential election….

So, in light the gathering narrative that has seen the end of loser’s consent were the events at the Capitol, given the febrile nature of politics in the West, really so surprising? For if it is acceptable for Clinton and the New York Times and the Hollywood luvvies to withhold their consent why is it not acceptable for Joe Average from the rust belt to, in turn, withhold his consent? “


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