BONOKOSKI: Justin Trudeau’s playing with a whole heap of crazy

Author of the article:Mark Bonokoski

Publishing date:Jan 15, 2021  

When I was youngish and in my first year of college, and my maternal grandmother was the gentlest soul I had ever met, we were having tea before I returned to Toronto from her home in St. Catharines.

But no more about him.

Clara was ailing, and closing in on the end of days, when she turned to me and said “someone needs to do something about Pierre Trudeau.”

This was out of the blue. This was like the Pope blaspheming, but later understandable when I learned more about Trudeau.

The first time I actually met Justin Trudeau, however, was when I tracked down his embattled mother outside New York when she had derailed and was hanging with the famous Studio 54 glitter set.

Young Justin was around five. He asked me to bend down to presumably hear him better and instead gave my moustache a painful yank.

What could I do? He was a kid whose mom was a mess, and I was the dirty, rotten chump who had found her.

Today, of course, he is Prime Minister, and his insidious lessening of our democratic traditions is looking more socialist by the second.

“Trudeau’s recent behaviour is not an aberration precipitated by the (pandemic) crisis,” former Conservative finance minister Joe Oliver recently wrote in the Toronto Sun.

“Rather, it follows a pattern that started early in his government. Underpinning it is the special appeal left-wing autocrats hold for him, bequeathed by his father.”

Oliver was considerate not to lump Trudeau the Younger in with strongmen like Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines, Viktor Orban of Hungary or Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey, all of whom exploited the urgent need for government assistance caused by the COVID-19 pandemic to enshrine executive power at the expense of personal freedom.

But their countries are accustomed to conflict and uncertainty, which are the door-openers for despots, and the exploitation was barely noticed as virus victims piled up and situations became increasingly dire.

Trudeau had to be devious.

Right from the get-go, and without even a modest groundswell of support, Trudeau snapped his fingers and said voters were wanting ranked ballots, which is a crock of hooey that would have produced Liberal majorities ad infinitum.{%27relatedChannels%27:%20[],%27autonav%27:true}&autoplay=0&playsinline=1&enablejsapi=1

Proportional representation, the last bad idea to replace first-past-the-post, would produce an endless chain of minority governments.

It would be Groundhog Day on a loop, much as it is today under Trudeau Jr., who at least tried to buy unlimited spending power in an omnibus bill he hoped to sneak through under the pandemic’s heat.

Trudeau’s government will now operate without a budget for two years during the biggest spending spree in Canadian history, resulting in nearly a $400 billion deficit and federal debt of over one trillion dollars.

Years ago, back when I was a young journalism student and my dying Grandma was toying with taking matters into her own hands, Pierre Elliott Trudeau was the most dangerous man in Canada who used the FLQ as a foil.

It got him the War Measures Act, while Justin Trudeau is being urged today to enact the comparable Emergencies Act — even by the media.

And that’s a whole heap of crazy.

BONOKOSKI: Justin Trudeau’s playing with a whole heap of crazy | Toronto Sun


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