Toronto Public Health reports record number of overdose deaths

Roman Baber

“This is heartbreaking.

City of Toronto released fatal overdose data for 2020. Fatal opioid Paramedic calls are up 90% over 2019. All drug related deaths are up 67% in Toronto over 2019. Depression, desperation, lack of healthcare & lack of addiction services are killing people.

I am not afraid to say it and you shouldn’t be either – the Lockdown is deadlier than Covid!”

Comment posted from thread…exactly right!

“You do NOT solve one health crisis by creating another. You cannot save lives if you are just trading who dies. In fact we are now responsible for creating another health crisis.

As someone who has lost family members to drugs the significant impact this has on ENTIRE families, is a ripple effect that does not stop and continues generation after generation.

Ontario needs a solution that considers ALL deaths and potential deaths in its decisions. Suicide, mental health, lack of proper medical care, drug overdoses, children’s health line calls… every single health impact HAS to be included in our data and in our solutions. Or we have no solution.”

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