“You’re being played!” ~Dr. Scott Jansen

“You’re being played! Do you understand what ‘s happening? The WHO took their foot off the gas to slow down the number of Covid19 cases-coincidentally this happened on Inauguration Day”

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EDITORIAL: Canada’s COVID-19 outlook keeps improving

Author of the article:Postmedia NewsPublishing date:Feb 17, 2021  

A man stands in front of the Nordstrom store, closed for in-store shopping in downtown Toronto, on Nov. 23, 2020. PHOTO BY GEOFF ROBINS /AFP via Getty Images

Last week we wrote an editorial in these pages celebrating the good news of declining COVID-19 cases all across the country.

That day, the nation recorded 2,677 new cases of the virus. That’s down from a high of just over 10,000 in early January.

It’s been quite a drop — and that drop has only continued.

We will confess that in writing those words there was the nagging worry that things could turn around and ramp up again right after they were put to paper.

They did at first, moving back up over the 3,000. Now they are back down and lower still, at 2,388.

A week ago we wrote the following:

“The fact that COVID-19 is currently on a major downward trend in both Canada and other jurisdictions around the world should be celebrated.

“Instead, we have officials telling us to get even more fearful. They are now warning that variants could take off like wildfire in this country and cause an even worse third wave.

Maybe that will happen. So let’s continue to follow social distancing and be responsible as we re-open society.”

All those words still apply. New daily cases aren’t the only thing dropping. The number of total active cases, hospitalizations and deaths are all declining.

This same trend is also unfolding in jurisdictions around the world, and throughout North America.

While Canadian public health officials would like to claim that lockdowns are almost exclusively to thank for these massive improvements, a survey of the evidence suggests that is not the case.

This is because jurisdictions that said no to lockdowns, like Florida and South Dakota, have seen similar declines.

All across the United States, cities run by both Republican and Democratic mayors are responsibly re-opening.

Some of them re-opened weeks ago, and yet their states continue to see rapid declines.

These are facts that Canadians should reflect on.

If we’re going to talk about making evidence-based decisions and following the science, it’s pretty clear that the evidence is telling us that all regions of Canada should now be responsibly re-opening, including our big cities.

While it’s important to discuss what “might” happen with COVID-19 — both the good and the bad — we also have many months of evidence to learn from what did happen.

EDITORIAL: Canada’s COVID-19 outlook keeps improving | Toronto Sun

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