Father jailed after referring to biological female child as his daughter

“The warrant was issued by a judge for the arrest of a father after calling his biological female child his “daughter,” and referring to her with the pronouns “she” and “her.” He was found to be in contempt of court.”


Do you recall when the Liberals brought forward and pushed for BillC-16, which is “compelled speech”, telling Canadians how we must speak. Every Canadian should have been up in arms by this, and yet, we weren’t. It was so politicized in such a politically correct manner that even some Conservatives voted for this. Utterly mind boggling.

Dr. Jordan Peterson came to the forefront at that time sounding the alarm of what this insidious bill actually was and where we were going as a nation with this kind of legislation. He has been proven right. There were others as well who fought against compelled speech but BillC-16 passed much to our society’s detriment. Canada’s greatest and most precious resource is our children. They are not being protected by this gov’t quite the contrary. The progressive ideologies are a false and twisted version of their idea of compassion, it is not compassionate , it is harmful. The fast downward slide in our country across the board since Trudeau has taken power is alarming.

Have you seen enough yet Canada? Is this the Canada you want for your children and their children?

It is past time to wake up.


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