Martel on UK MP David Lammy who described English ethnicity as a myth

David Lammy ( who describes himself as African- Caribbean English) described English ethnicity as a “myth”. I understand that is part of the general and increasing narrative beloved of the woke and progressive classes to deny that the English people, culture and nation exist, but I would suggest that he ought to study history a little more closely. He may then understand that the English descend from two main historical population groups, namely Germanic peoples( such as Angles, Saxon, Jutes) who settled in Britain after the withdrawal of Rome and the native Britons who were already there and they were the people who became the English and who founded what became known as England, a people and state which was becoming a unified nation by the 10th century.  

History demonstrates that neither people nor nation belong in the realms of myth and to suggest to the contrary as Mr Lammy did is to deny the existence of a people and that is not acceptable.


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