Canadian Doctor Defies Gag Order – Tells Public How Moderna COVID Shots Killed and Disabled Patients

Published April 26, 2021

Soldier who called on troops to refuse vaccine distribution faces mutiny related charge

Officer Cadet Ladislas Kenderesi was charged with one count of ‘endeavoring to persuade another person to join in a mutiny’Author of the article:David Pugliese  •  Ottawa CitizenPublishing date:May 25, 2021  •  5 hours ago  •  3 minute read

A Canadian Forces member, introduced by organizers of an anti-lockdown rally as Leslie Kenderesi speaks at the gathering in Toronto.
A Canadian Forces member, introduced by organizers of an anti-lockdown rally as Leslie Kenderesi speaks at the gathering in Toronto. PHOTO BY SCREENSHOT FROM YOUTUBE VIDEO /jpg

A soldier who called on his fellow military personnel to refuse helping with the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines has been charged with an offence related to mutiny.

It’s believed to be the first time in decades that the Canadian military has laid such a charge.

Officer Cadet Ladislas Kenderesi was charged with one count of “endeavoring to persuade another person to join in a mutiny,” an offence under the National Defence Act. Kenderesi was also charged with one count of behaving in a scandalous manner unbecoming of an officer.

The charges were laid May 12 by the Canadian Forces National Investigation Service, defence officials told this newspaper.

Kenderesi had appeared at an anti-lockdown rally in December in Toronto dressed in his Canadian Forces uniform and speaking out about the COVID-19 vaccine, claiming it was a “killer.”

He called on military personnel not to be involved in government plans to distribute the vaccine. “I’m asking military, right now serving, truck drivers, medical, engineers, whatever you are, do not take this unlawful order (for) the distribution of this vaccine,” Kenderesi said at the rally. A video of his speech was posted on YouTube.

Kenderesi, who had a civilian hunting knife strapped to his Canadian Forces uniform and was carrying a non-Canadian helmet, questioned the safety of the vaccine.

“I might get in a lot of s— for doing this, but I don’t care anymore,” he said.

The crowd cheered his speech.

Department of National Defence spokesman Dan Le Bouthillier said the charges will proceed through the military justice system. OCdt Kenderesi was removed from performance of military duties following the December, 2020, incident,” Le Bouthillier said.

Kenderesi is a member of the Reserve Cadet Instructor Cadre in Borden, ON, according to the Canadian Forces.

Kenderesi’s supporters filmed military officials reading the charges against him and posted that to a GoFundMe page for the officer cadet. The page noted Kenderesi “was charged on May 12, 2021, for speaking out against the experimental gene therapy on Dec. 5 at the human rights assembly at Dundas Square in Toronto.”

The page also stated that Kenderesi faces a maximum sentence of life in prison if convicted, but defence sources say such punishment is highly unlikely.

Kenderesi is also featured in the GoFundMe page video before meeting with Canadian Forces officials. “I’m just saying a small prayer for myself, and a prayer for Canada and Canadians, that hopefully my efforts and what I have done is not in vain,” he stated in that video.

The GoFundMe initiative is to collect money for Kenderesi’s legal battle.

Le Bouthillier said if he desires, Kenderesi has access at no cost to a lawyer provided by the Department of National Defence. “While the charges have been laid, it is currently in the referral process and no court martial has been scheduled,” he added.

Ottawa lawyer Michel Drapeau said the laying of a charge related to mutiny is unheard of in the Canadian Forces in modern times. “You would likely have to go back to the late 1940s in the Royal Canadian Navy for anything that might be similar,” said Drapeau, a retired colonel who specializes in military law.

His book, Military Justice in Action, noted three incidents involving widespread protests against military leadership in the late 1940s. In those cases, Canadian sailors rebelled against incompetent leadership and poor conditions on ships, but the navy avoided using the official term of mutiny. But military personnel were charged and received jail sentences.

“An initial search through files in the past 20 years has not found any charges related to endeavoring to persuade another person to join in a mutiny,” Le Bouthillier added.

Organizers of the anti-lockdown rally claimed Kenderesi had served in a variety of units and was qualified as a tank driver, machine-gunner and was skilled in hand-to-hand combat.

He was introduced as “the original Canadian patriot” and an officer cadet with 25 years of experience.

The Cadet Instructors Cadre is part of the Cadet Organizations Administration and Training Service, a sub-component of the Reserve Force. The primary responsibility of CIC officers is the supervision, administration and training of cadets ranging in age from 12 to 18.

Organizers of the rally said Kenderesi was on medical leave from the Canadian Forces at the time he spoke.

Kenderesi remains in the military “pending the outcome of the charges,” the Canadian Forces noted.

Shortly after the rally in December, Canadian Forces officials retrieved Kenderesi’s uniform and military issued equipment.

Soldier who called on troops to refuse vaccine distribution faces mutiny related charge | National Post


Province reports 1st death related to VITT blood-clotting syndrome

Arwen~ Reported today, one month after he died from VITT from taking the “vaccine”. A little late in reporting as that would put a damper on the push for everyone getting the jab. Truth be told, we have no idea how many have died from the jab and are just labeled COVID deaths. An epidemiologist from Yale stated that according to his counterparts reporting, 60% of those currently in ICU had taken the jab. The push is now on for youth, who do not even need parental permission in Ontario. Many should be charged with crimes against humanity in what they have been complicit in concerning C-19.


Posted May 25, 2021 3:17 pm EDT

Last Updated May 25, 2021 at 3:34 pm EDTFILE – In this Monday, March 22, 2021 file photo medical staff prepares an AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine during preparations at the vaccine center in Ebersberg near Munich, Germany. The European Commission says it has launched legal action against vaccine maker AstraZeneca for failing to respect the terms of its contract with the EU. A Commission spokesman said Monday, April 26, 2021 that the reason for the legal action was that “some terms of the contract have not been respected” and that “the company has not been in a position to come up with a reliable strategy to ensure a timely delivery of doses.” The AstraZeneca vaccine has been central to Europe’s immunization campaign, but the slow pace of deliveries has frustrated the Europeans. AstraZeneca has previously said that its contract with the EU contained vaccine delivery targets, not firm commitments.(AP Photo/Matthias Schrader, File)

Ontario has confirmed the first death related to Vaccine-Induced Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia (VITT), an extremely rare blood clotting syndrome and side effect connected to the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Associate Medical Officer of Health Dr. Barbara Yaffe says the man, in his 40s, died after receiving a first dose of the vaccine in late April.

There have been 16 reported cases of a blood clot in Ontario out of approximately 850,000 doses administered province-wide.

The risk of VITT in Canada has been estimated to be approximately 1 per 55,000 first doses, but several possible cases are still under investigation.

Ontario is no longer offering AstraZeneca as a first dose but will administer it as a second shot as the risk of developing the side effect is much lower, around 1 in 600,000.

Early data from the United Kingdom affirms that, suggesting that the risk of VITT after second doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine is likely lower than after the first doses.

The blood clotting syndrome linked to the AstraZeneca vaccine is extremely rare but can be fatal.

In mid-May, Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. David Williams said the decision to no longer offer AstraZeneca as a first shot was made as the province receives larger shipments of other vaccines, such as Pfizer and Moderna.

Williams said last week that those who got their first dose of AstraZeneca between March 10 and March 19 during a pilot project at some pharmacies and doctors’ offices will be prioritized for the second dose.

Justin Bates, CEO of the Ontario Pharmacists Association, said on Tuesday that “a few” Toronto pharmacies will receive vaccine supply today with the vast majority receiving their doses on Wednesday.

Bates says pharmacists will reach out to eligible patients who can then start booking appointments as early as Wednesday and Thursday.

Martel on Prince Harry

“Recently Prince Harry described the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States as “bonkers”; setting aside a moment his arrogance in casting judgement on the constitution of a country where is a guest but not, as yet, a citizen, his statement simply confirms that he sees freedom of speech and the freedom of the press as a threat to his power and his privilege and his wish to lead a life in the public eye without being subject to any form of scrutiny. 

Someone ought to sit him down on his pampered and entitled arse and inform him that with power and privilege comes both responsibility and scrutiny, though given his myopic stupidity it may have to be explained to him in words of one syllable.”

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