Martel on parallels…

Arwen~ Brilliant analysis from Martel. Read and share!

“When the Romanovs fell in 1917, The Russian Empire immediately came under the control of a tiny, fanatical, unrepresentative sect of Bolsheviks, who proceeded to slaughter tens of millions of innocent Russians through firing squads, starvation and the camps of the gulag ( millions that the historian E Hobsbawm so lionised by Western lefists described as a mere detail of history, their deaths a necessity ). They seized control of the media, the banking system, the education system and all the critical industries. They rewrote history, and pursued their goals with a religious zeal and ruthlessness. knowing they had thoroughly demoralised in the Russian people into dispirited passivity.

If this is ringing any bells, if it seems uncannily reminiscent of our current Covid-coup/’racial justice’ predicament – a tiny, unaccountable, extra-territorial elite directing events from the shadows without any form of popular consent – it should and it should mean people should be waking up and making themselves ready for the fight that is coming.”

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