Police On Guard‘s Chris Vandenbos interviews retired NHL superstar and Canadian Patriot, Theo Fleury

Arwen~ “When we unite, this thing is over”- Theo Fleury

Theo Fleury speaks his mind about the current state of affairs in Canada, and his concerns for its future. Coming from a man who has endured so much, yet never stayed down, his words carry a lot of weight. He encourages us all to do our own research and think for ourselves

Sep 18, 2021



It is not about health, it is about control.

It is not about health, it is about control. To start off: let’s keep the discussion clear. I am not against vaccination. If you’re vaccinated, that’s fine. I trust you and your judgement to know what is best for you. I personally choose not to get vaccinated, because I consider myself to be very healthy and I believe that the vaccine would actually make me less resilient to the virus. I’ve not been sick in almost 2 years of pandemic, so it seems to be working 🙂What surprises me though is how vaccinated has become synonymous for healthy. You can be smoking, drinking alcohol, eating unhealthy, not exercising and still be considered ‘safe’. While I myself (I don’t smoke, drink, eat mostly good food, take supplements and take care of my body) will not be able to go to a restaurant anymore, because I am a danger to public health? This does not feel right to me. If the government cares so much about health, then why have the number of available ICU beds in the Netherlands been halved over the last decade? Why has there not been an effort to increase hospital capacity even though we have an ongoing ‘pandemic’? Why isn’t the government supporting farmers in healthy, organic food production? Why isn’t the government focusing on stress reduction? Mental health? Informing about the consequences of consuming alcohol, processed foods etcetera? There is such a long list of this that I do not believe that the government takes matters of health seriously. The only thing I can think of is that there is a powerful lobby of industries that stand to lose a lot of money if we actually start focusing on health. For me it’s clear. This is not about health. It feels more like an assessment of obedience. I’m being asked to give up personal rights and freedom ‘for the collective’, while objectively there is nothing showing the ‘collective’ is at risk. I’m being pressured to conform to rules imposed onto me by a government that has not shown me that it cares about me or its people. And therefore I feel a strong NO. I will not conform. I have a responsibility to myself and my family. I do not choose to live in a fear-based society. My contribution to life is one of love, inclusivity and embodiment of spirit and purpose. I will not let anyone tell me that should be otherwise. Together we have the power to create a world in our image. That includes disobeying laws that stand in the way of that image. Real change will not come from the government. They created the current situation. If you want to be happy, that is your responsibility. And when you show up with pure intention, there is an army of beautiful beings supporting you, me included. Many blessings and much love to everyone in this upcoming period, where we face yet another challenge. It’s an invitation to enquiry deeper into your truth and the world you want to create. -Mario van den Bree

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