Project Veritas: Federal Govt HHS Whistleblower Goes Public With Secret Recordings “Vaccine Is Full of Sh*t” (Part 1)

Buffalo’s Highmark Stadium requires fans to show proof of vaccination, so Bills WR Cole Beasley and one of his teammates are offering to buy unvaxxed fans tickets to away games

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Who is Controlling the Biden Presidency?

by Chris Farrell

  • To answer the question of who is controlling the Biden presidency, we should consider the Biden administration’s disastrous policy decisions. “Cui bono?” – Who benefits?
  • Why would Biden abandon Bagram Air Force Base? It is key to all of Southwest Asia – just 400 miles to China and 500 miles to Iran. It is a vitally important geopolitical, military and intelligence platform with consequences and “reach” that involve far more than just Afghan regional matters. Who, specifically, made the recommendation to just walk away from Bagram – and then who gave the order?
  • If we suggest that there is a combination or passing alliance of these various interests and groups, each seeking to advance their own agenda behind the official, hollow, front of “President Joe Biden” – then we run the risk of being branded conspiracy theorists. That is both dishonest and unfortunate, because asking questions of, and seeking accountability from, elected officials is not “crazy.” Interest groups do, in fact, lobby presidential advisors, White House staff, and even members of the president’s family.
  • We must press on – asking questions, examining records, seeking accountability and documenting facts. The truth will prevail.
(Photo by Al Drago/Getty Images)

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