Martel on the warnings of a hard Christmas by UK politicians

“The atomisation of society is increasingly evident and is, in my view, being encouraged and driven by a political class and their allies in the commentariat who seek to exert compliance in and control of a people who had the nerve to go against their self-appointed betters by puncturing their vanity via the Brexit referendum of 2016 for which they, the people have never been forgiven. 
The pandemic has provided a means for the politicians to put the people back into their box and we have been foolish enough to bend our knees and go along their constant self-righteous hectoring and emotional blackmail and erosion of our freedoms.

We are barely into October and the political classes and their chums at the BBC or in the pages of The Guardian are muttering doom laden words about Christmas. It is clear they intend to punish us once again and they will continue to do so until we get off our knees and literally if required place our heels on their throats.
Christmas has to be a moment of light for ourselves and to hell with the lectures and finger wagging we will receive from Boris Johnson, Keir Starmer and their associated lackeys and lap dogs. Enough is enough.”

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