Open letter to the president of the University of Guelph from Dr. Byram Bridle


Dear Dr. Charlotte A.B. Yates, President and Vice-Chancellor,

You issued a mandate that everyone within the University of Guelph community must receive a COVID-19 vaccine. I have spent most of my lifetime learning to be a very deep and critical thinker and to follow the weight of scientific evidence. I am a well-recognized expert in vaccinology. As per my extensive funding, research, publication, and teaching records, I am a vaccine lover and an innovator in this field. I promote highly effective vaccines that have undergone extensive, rigorous, and proper safety testing as the most efficient type of medicines that exist. Vaccines that meet these criteria have prevented a vast amount of mortality and morbidities around the world. However, I could not be in stronger disagreement with you forcing the current COVID-19 vaccines upon everyone who is part of our campus community.

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Arwen~ Excerpt from letter

“As someone who develops vaccines, I can tell you that itis difficult to make a vaccine that will perform as poorly as the current COVID-19 vaccines. Indeed, most vaccinesgiven in childhood never require a booster shot later in life. The take-home message here is that people like me, whohave naturally acquired immunity, do not need to be vaccinated. Nor is it needed to protect those around the personwho already has immunity. Worse, research from three independent groups has now demonstrated that those withnaturally acquired immunity experience more severe side-effects from COVID-19 vaccines than those who wereimmunologically naïve prior to vaccination (;…/10.1101/2021.04.15.21252192v1;…/10.1101/2021.02.26.21252096v1). In other words, for those with naturalimmunity, vaccination is not only unnecessary, but it would put them at enhanced risk of harm. Knowing this,nobody should ever mandate COVID-19 vaccination. Instead, it would be in the best interest of helping everyonemake the most informed health decisions for themselves to make voluntary testing for immunity available”

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