EXCLUSIVE: Trudeau’s sniper detail blasts PM over over mandate

Justin Trudeau’s personal sniper detail has put the PM on blast over his mandatory vaccine plan, calling the scheme “authoritarian.”

Corporal Daniel Bulford, an officer in the RCMP speaks with journalist Keean Bexte over Trudeau’s “first step” to tame the national police force and what his plans are for the rest of the population.



Martel on covid passports

“No matter the euphemisms governments employ for their permission slips, covid passports are nothing less than slave passes. Coercive medical procedures to regain a scintilla of joy in your life cannot be defined as freedom. Paternalistic privileges, granted temporarily in return for compliance, is not freedom. If you need the permission of the state to enter a cinema, pub or restaurant, you do not live in a free society. If a Health Secretary tells you that you must roll up your sleeve and get jabbed ‘to keep your freedoms’, you have none. If said Health Secretary holds your liberty like a pawn ticket, redeemable only by your slavish obedience, your liberty is lost. So, what are you going to do about it?”

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