MPP Nicholls asked the Minster of Health Who you really protecting

Arwen~ Ontario, Canada..provincial gov’t. MPP Nicholls had to resign as an “Conservative MPP”, and his role as deputy Speaker and now sits as an independent. Why the resignation? He refused to be vaccinated and doesn’t believe anyone should be forced or coerced to do so. MPP Nicholls poses these questions to the Minister of Health Christine Elliot. The former freedom and liberty party, the Conservatives, doesn’t appear to exist any longer in Canada.


Jesse Kline: CBC’s 18 words you can’t say is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard

Even terms that were once staples of the left-wing lexicon are now lingua non grata

Jesse Kline Publishing date:Nov 30, 2021


Rex Murphy: Tongue-tied by CBC’s 18 words you can’t say

Is it any surprise our national broadcaster is being mocked?

Author of the article:Rex Murphy

Publishing date:Dec 01, 2021  •  18 hours ago  •  3 minute read  •   485 Comments

A monitor displays a word cloud created by the CBC to illustrate a list of 18 words it says should not be used.
A monitor displays a word cloud created by the CBC to illustrate a list of 18 words it says should not be used. PHOTO BY NATIONALPOST

CBC, as you will have seen from the photo above, has put out an alarm about certain lexical crimes, pointing to words and phrases that all sweet, open-minded human beings should never allow in their vocabulary, or scribble in some essay to CBC Opinion — this latter a kind of larder of the best that can be thought or said for sublimely sensitive social justice aspirants. If Queen Street, Toronto, was the world, CBC Opinion would own the globe.

The beloved CBC is in a hard place, being crippled by what looks very much like an attempt to hold it up to a kind of lexical or semantic blackmail . The CBC’s unfailing mission to educate the Canadian public as to its incontestable ideas of right and wrong, to bathe its listeners and readers in its blinding vision of Canadian enlightenment — it hurts to tap the keys on the laptop to write this — is being mocked!

It is truly so painful to see progressive sensibilities abraded by the monsters of common sense.

It is so painful to see progressive sensibilities abraded by the monsters of common sense

Alas, it is the case that the rich tribe of consultants employed by the CBC to make sure Canadian English never falls into bad-speak is being pilloried on Twitter and elsewhere as lame , and even (shudder) tone deaf .

Other even more savage criticisms are raining down on the corporation, such that its executives and high-profile personalities have been called together in a kind of public relations powwow , to brainstorm some way of responding to the crisis.

We may agree that it probably doesn’t feel nice to be portrayed as the black sheep of news organizations, and to be blindsided by a sudden storm of criticism. “It came on so sudden,” said one director. “One minute silence, and then a huge blast. We just couldn’t understand it. It was spooky .”

Now for a modern, hugely financed institution such as a great broadcasting operation to complain it is getting hit on Twitter is really a major illustration of a First-World problem , and it speaks very loudly of a blind spot in its public sensitivity.

Or perhaps it suggests that CBC has walled itself off from widespread Canadian opinion, into some self-constructed ghetto of customs and values most Canadians cannot recognize. Which may explain certain ratings. Either that or some rogue employees — most likely a tribe of right-wing subversives — are intent on selling their bosses and employer down the river . It’s hard not to believe, if this is the case, that the corporation has been gypped by some people it pays.A retreat and symposium are being planned, with consultants being called in for mediation sessions, intellectual colon-cleansing and rituals under the aegis of an employee-chosen spirit animal .

It is hoped that after meditation and an hour of yoga contortions, this whole lame episode can be “put behind us” and may serve as a “teaching moment.“

It is hoped this whole lame episode can be put behind us

In any updating of which words are allowed to be spoken and which are not, CBC will allow a grandfather clause for its older, more stodgy employees (cretins stuck on the idea that CBC is not there to preach, but to report, pure heathens).

However, kindness Iives on at the CBC. “These types are,” personkind continued, “so far down the river intellectually, and crippled by the blind spots of the right-wing tribe , that we must regard them as the black sheep of the CBC flock. And, let it be known, we at CBC have a lot of sheep.

“Still, in the spirit of the holy Trinity of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity — Peace be upon that ineffable triad — not even these lame outliers will be scorned.”

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