O Holy Night – Josh Groban

While our “traditions” of what the nativity scene looked like over 2000 years ago are familiar and picturesque, biblically not all is sound. The wise men (magi) had been searching out and following the star for 2 years. We know this because when they met with King Herod, and Herod feigned interest in worshipping the newborn king, we learned about the length of their journey. Herod also asked them to let him know when they found the babe . Instead, the magi were warned in a dream not to go back and report to Herod. Herod’s fury at hearing this ordered the murder of all male children 2 years and under. The wise men didn’t visit Jesus when he was born in the manger..it was when Jesus was a toddler and at Mary and Joseph’s home. The inaccuracy of the timing of the magi’s appearance does not diminish in any way what took place 2000 years ago…God came as a child so that we could become children of God.

May we never lose our wonder.


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