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A friend wrote this..”If you believe the slanderous misrepresentation by msm media (paid hundreds of millions by Trudeau) of a freedom movement filled with faith, hope, and love, you’re literally brainwashed by poisonous propaganda. You’re drinking from a bitter stream and believing a false report. It’s typical and textbook gaslighting to deflect their own divisive hatred on those who stand for freedom.”


If You Are Not Immunized From A Virus, You Were Never Vaccinated Period


January 20 2022 at 05:30 PM

 This is what the CDC tried to hide by removing the definition of vaccine while replacing it with their rubbish on September 10th 2021. Of course major dictionaries are willing to lose their credibility by following suit with the shady globalist low life scum bag narrative by replacing definitions with complete globalist rubbish. Of course with Youtube, Twitter and Facebook being threatened with endless lawsuits to comply with the globalist narratives, what makes you even skeptical that smaller businesses would do the same?!

 Calling something that isn’t a vaccine, a vaccine because they remove the definition of vaccine and replace it with rubbish while politicians wheel and deal behind closed doors so that big pharma isn’t held accountable for the damage they cause to human citizens of countries suffering covid, blood clots, heart problems, neural paralysis etc. from the jabs they administer is supporting a giant hate crime against humanity.

 You are all being thrown under the bus with a slew of lies under guise of pandemic along with calling injections that are not vaccines a vaccine to try and dominate the masses with fake shame for not complying with such rubbish only so greedy, selfish and ignorant low life scum bags can get rich off of big pharma while they make the masses unhealthy and suffer their government putting your children further in debt over their sick and filthy jabs disguised as vaccines.

 If we don’t stop this and your children are survivors of this, who’s slave do you think they are going to be?!! Not one person on this planet has been vaccinated from covid by big pharma! When they say unvaccinated, that means everyone as opposed to people not getting the jab that they lie about by calling their jab a vaccine. 


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David Jeffrey Spetch

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