Mass Formation Psychosis-Dr. Robert Malone

One of the most important articles you will read, and video to watch.


Most who are called “anti-vaxx or “unvaccinated” are actually pro-vaxx , up to date with all their immunizations. Declining this so called “vaccine” has changed the former definition and to whom it referred to, purposefully.     We are going into year 3 of 24/7 fear mongering media reporting on all things COVID-19.   Politicians, MSM, unelected top doctors and CMO’s refer to those who decline a “vaccine” (which is still in trials until 2023 )as “unvaccinated.  That term is completely disingenuous…but it has done its job, creating a scapegoat for abysmal gov’t policy failures and a broken,  easily overwhelmed health care system and provided a focus for “vaccinated” Canadians to shift the blame to.  Ingenious and diabolical.      We were played constantly, and still are.   The Minister of Health, stated recently in his personal opinion, mandatory vaccines were going to happen at some point which would be up to individual provinces to mandate.    There is a term that is being used to describe what is taking place called “Mass Formation Psychosis”, look it up.      Very dark and dangerous times in Canada and our PM is leading this charge.


or… mass hypnosis- the madness of crowds

Robert W Malone MD, MS
Dec 9, 2021


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