Trudeau defends vaccine mandate for cross-border truckers amid supply chain concerns

100% accurate, this is intentional – “They want the shortages and inflation that will ensue, so they can claim we need more government intervention in the form of the nationalization of industries.

This is how communism always begins.”

Grocery stores face temporary closures as staff fall sick, products delayed


Nigel Farage reacts to ONS figures on how many people have died purely of Covid

How many people in the UK have died purely of Covid so far? 17,371

Nigel Farage reacts ‘We’ve seen again and again, estimates of how bad this crisis could be that are nearly always massively over-exaggerated, but this has really made me sit up and think.’

Nigel Farage reacts to the amount of people who have died purely of Covid since the start of the pandemic.

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