GiveSendGo Responds to Ford gov’t attempt to freeze funds

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BREAKING: Ontario government freezes Freedom Convoy funds

The order was issued by the court today and all funds are frozen until further notice.

BREAKING: Ontario government freezes Freedom Convoy funds

February 10, 2022 5:47 PM1 Mins Reading

Holding the line – New Zealand

Posted by Staff Writer | Feb 10, 2022    

Holding the line

Written by our New Zealand Correspondent

As I predicted on Tuesday 8th February 2022 in my report The Spirit of a Nation, the carnival-like atmosphere at the New Zealand Convoy protest at the Parliament in Wellington didn’t last long. This Thursday morning, 10th February 2022, police advanced, forced protesters off of the Parliament grounds and tried to hold the crowd at bay – see this video footage here, an interview with a police superintendent. [Ed: the video is in the NZ Herald and there’s a handy little map of the area around the Parliament building.

By the time I turned up later in the morning, things had changed. Walking along Lambton Quay, life seemed fairly normal in Wellington, until as I walked towards Parliament, I suddenly heard the constant blaring of car and truck horns. Every road around Parliament was brought to a standstill with parked vehicles, every driveway and grass verge had vehicles parked on it. Even the Prime Minister’s residence opposite Parliament had tents and vehicles pitched and parked on the lawns.

The Police had fallen back and the protesters were back on the grounds of Parliament in huge numbers, there were tents everywhere. The event had grown exponentially since I had last been there on the previous Tuesday. The Police on the whole were being very professional but at the time there had been fifty arrests that day. At one end of Parliament there seemed to be a flash point. People left the front line after having been pepper~sprayed. They spent some time obviously suffering, washing their eyes with bottled water before returning to the fray.

The occupation of Parliament Hill is growing, people are still arriving from all over the country, with many planning to arrive at the weekend. Some seem to be camped there permanently, while others stay for a day or two before going home, to be replaced by new arrivals. These people are determined to keep going until the job is done. There are rumours of the army being called in but I think they are reluctant to deploy against their own countrymen.

In the meantime Jacinda Ardern has responded to the protests in an almost dismissive way, see this from the New Zealand Herald: “Covid 19 Omicron convoy: Time for protesters to move on, police’s job to handle – Prime Minister” 

A friend of mine is a clinical psychologist. He assures me that in his professional opinion Jacinda Ardern is a psychopath. My friend told me to look at her facial expressions: there’s very little facial movement but what there is looks very insincere, as if she’d been practising in front of a mirror. Ardern is obviously rather false and full of faked emotions; the above video footage illustrates this perfectly.

Ardern recently cancelled her wedding. She told the nation that it was due to the Omicron crisis, that she was just like you and I and had to make sacrifices. I saw a sign by some of the protesters which surprised me and I decided to enquire further. I was told that the real reason Ardern had cancelled her wedding was because her partner, Mr Clarke Gayford, had been arrested and held on remand for drug smuggling.

The above rumours regarding Gayford had been circulating on the Internet for some time, claiming that he was being held on home detention. Apparently he has been arrested again and is now in prison on remand. The protesters were emphatic about this and, given the amount of planning that has gone into these protests, I’ve learnt to trust some of these sources. I was told that Gayford has been granted name suppression until the 21st of February. Perhaps then we’ll know if there has been a cover up and a scandal is now about to break. If so, Ardern won’t be able to spin her way out of this one.

There is a mountain of evidence emerging as to the horrendous amount of vaccine injuries and deaths in New Zealand. If you go to and open an account and then go to this link, it’ll take you to The Health Forum New Zealand. Here you’ll find information and really tragic accounts and statements by victims of these covid vaccines, not to mention links to other sources of information.

It never ceases to amaze those of us who are awake when we watch Ardern, with her fake smile, imploring people to get vaccinated or get a booster, in the face of all of the information available, of which she surely ought to be aware of: only a psychopath could do this.

The people of New Zealand are settling in for the long haul. Unfortunately I think that things will get nasty but the Kiwis are a tough breed, mountain men that have learnt to endure harsh conditions and are more than a match for a few Communists. 

Don’t forget to get updates on Counterspin Media but take into account the time difference. Another way to get involved is to search for and download the App: “Zello”. Open the app and search for the group: ‘freedom convoy 2022 nz.’ This is the group for the convoy organisers and you’ll only be allowed to listen but it’s just like being there and it is live. The other group is: ‘Freedom convoy 2022 Nz social.’ This is a more social group where you’re allowed to chat. 

It’s been a lonely time in New Zealand. We live on a small island, isolated by thousands of miles of ocean. I’m very sure that short messages of support from Britain would be very well received!

As I finish writing this article and listening to Zello, it appears that the Police are dropping their line and the people are surging forward as they can now enter Parliament. The protest organisers are worried and suspicious that the Police are preparing to bring in heavy vehicles, the riot squad or even the army. I must finish now but this is a very fast developing situation so use the above links to keep up to date, this is just the beginning.


Ed: Just as we published this report, we received the following email from our NZ Correspondent:

“I’ll post updates in the comments, things have moved on already. Unfortunately now, news is coming out of police brutality, a seventy year old man and fourteen year old girl beaten up by police, one woman in hospital with a ruptured spleen and many cases of broken bones. With this kind of news, it has provoked the people, a second wave convoy is coming, many thousands more people are on their way to Parliament.”

Ed: Please check in for more updates which will be posted in the comments section – but be aware of the time difference, NZ is 13 hours ahead of the UK.

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