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The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms protects freedom of expression, peaceful assembly and the right to peacefully gather with fellow citizens to communicate political dissent to the government. In 2022, thousands of Canadians travelled to the federal capital of Ottawa to peacefully communicate their suffering and disagreement with government lockdowns, Covid restrictions and vaccination mandates which have devastated their lives, their children’s lives, their mental health, and their businesses. Canadians across the country have come together to peacefully protest, united in their calls for a return to a free Canada. Their peaceful protest has inspired similar convoys and protests in countries around the world.

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Key Ottawa blockade organizer Tamara Lich denied bail




Arwen~ This is an absolute travesty and indicative of our judicial system which is clearly politically motivated and under Liberal sway. Tamara CONSTANTLY AND CONSISTENTLY spoke of this convoy being one of peace, unity, kindness and love even towards those that opposed / vilified this movement. There was ZERO tolerance for any bad behaviour or violent behaviour in the convoy or supporters and she, along with other leaders admonished all to be watchful for that and report immediately to police. Also, Pat King was never part of this peaceful truck convoy protest…just an FYI.

Tamara Lich, one of the main organizers of the protests that blockaded Ottawa for three weeks, appears in court in Ottawa on Feb. 22, 2022.JANE ROSENBERG/REUTERS

Tamara Lich, who was instrumental in organizing a convoy of trucks that blockaded the country’s capital for more than three weeks, was denied bail on Tuesday after her arrest last Thursday.

In making her decision, Ontario Court Justice Julie Bourgeois said the evidence shows that Ms. Lich was “one of the leaders of at least a group of people who obstructed, interrupted and interfered with the lawful use, enjoyment or operation of property in the downtown core of Ottawa by blocking and occupying streets in the downtown core.”

Justice Bourgeois found there is a “substantial risk” that Ms. Lich would reoffend if she was released, and that she would not follow a court order requiring her to stop the illegal activity she is accused of.

“If you continue this behavior it will endanger the protection and safety of the public,” the judge said.

While Justice Bourgeois acknowledged Ms. Lich does not have a criminal record, she said Ms. Lich’s recent behaviour in Ottawa shows that her “detention is necessary for the protection or safety of the public.”

“I am satisfied there’s a substantial likelihood that you will, if released from custody, commit a criminal offence more specifically, continue to behave or to counsel behaviour that wilfully obstructs, interrupts or interferes with the lawful use enjoyment or operation of property,” the justice said.

Ms. Lich, a founding member of the separatist Maverick Party from Medicine Hat, Alta., who started the GoFundMe page for the Freedom Convoy 2022, appeared in court wearing a surgical mask and a dark jacket. Among the evidence presented to the court by the crown were videos of Ms. Lich urging protesters to “hold the line” even in the event she was arrested.

A bail hearing took place Saturday for Ms. Lich, but the judge reserved her decision until Tuesday.

Ms. Lich faces several charges, including mischief and interfering with the lawful use and operation of property. She is due to appear in court again on March 2.

“There is no doubt here on conviction,” Justice Bourgeois said. “You are certainly facing a potentially lengthy term of imprisonment.”

“This community has already been impacted enough by some of the criminal activity, the blockades you took part of and even led. You have had plenty of opportunity to remove yourself and even others from this criminal activity, but obstinately chose not to and persistently counseled others not to either.”

A bail hearing for another convoy leader, Pat King, who livestreamed his own arrest on Friday, also began on Tuesday morning.

Mr. King is charged with mischief, counselling to commit the offence of disobeying a court order and counselling to obstruct police.

Justice of the Peace Andrew Seymour is presiding over Mr. King’s bail hearing.

Mr. King, a 44-year-old from Red Deer, Alta., appeared at the Ottawa courthouse on Tuesday in a grey hooded sweatshirt and pants. His COVID-19 surgical mask was often placed around his chin during the hearing.

On Tuesday morning, the Crown cross-examined Kerry Komix from Alberta. She said she came to the capital with Mr. King as part of the convoy and has offered to be his surety. Prosecutor Moiz Karimjee has been playing a series of videos of Mr. King for Ms. Komix.

Separate from Tuesday’s bail hearing, Ottawa lawyer Paul Champ confirmed that Mr. King was also was served Tuesday at the Ottawa courthouse. Mr. Champ has been representing central-Ottawa residents in a proposed multimillion-dollar class-action lawsuit against protest organizers.

Demonstrations in Ottawa were brought to an end in Ottawa on Sunday through significant police enforcement. Protesters in the city’s core were largely cleared out on Saturday. On Sunday police swept through a logistics camp a few kilometres east of the downtown. On Tuesday police were still maintaining a security perimeter around the core and on Parliament Hill to prevent new blockades.

Some protesters have decamped to a private property in Vankleek Hill, east of Ottawa to “regroup.” And on Monday Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said other protesters had gone to surrounding communities in Arnprior and Embrum and showed a “desire or an openness” to return to the blockades.

The risk of more obstructions of the downtown is why Mr. Trudeau said the government still needed to maintain its Canada-wide state of emergency declared last week. On Monday night, the House of Commons voted 185 to 151 to authorize emergency measures, with the NDP supporting the Liberals even as some of Mr. Trudeau’s own MPs questioned the need. The Conservatives and Bloc Québécois voted against the government.

The use of the Emergencies Act is now being debated in the Senate.

Arwen~ This is a snippet of what took place in Ottawa..not what the politicians, media, police chiefs have labeled it as.

Jordan Peterson reached his breaking point with Justin Trudeau’s new war powers and dang did he spew some late-night 🔥 for Canadians

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Joel Abbott

Feb 22nd, 2022 10:21 am

Trudeau’s echoes of Hitler

ByDavid Keighley

February 22, 2022

HOW dangerous in terms of threatening fundamental democratic freedoms is Justin Trudeau’s invocation of emergency powers against the Canadian truckers?

Deeply disturbing scenes of police aggression in Ottawa over the weekend, accompanied by unprecedented raids on the personal bank accounts of protesters, make it clear that this is descending to very sinister levels of government by diktat.

Trudeau, of course, claims to be a right-on, tolerant liberal and environmentalist. He believes everything he does is unquestionably in the national interest, even though in the last election he secured only 21 per cent of the national vote.

He and his supporters have condemned the truckers as racist, anti-Semitic, transphobic and – by association – Nazis. His ultimate intent in raiding and suspending their bank accounts appears to be to make them non-citizens.   

As Godwin’s law observes, comparisons with the fascism that national socialism in Germany became when Hitler grabbed power in 1933 are often exaggerated. Here, they may be valid.

Hitler also claimed to be a political progressive. He zealously espoused so-called green agriculture and massive state investment on socialist principles in public works.

His fanatical idealism meant that whole sections of the population were viewed as defective on criteria that included political views, nationality, ethnicity or physical or mental capacities. Such citizens could be arrested and placed at the whim of the state in concentration or forced labour camps, where millions died. 

Less widely known about the Third Reich is that when Hitler took over as German Chancellor in 1933, one of his first acts was to declare a national census. This was to be a primary instrument in his ruthless campaign to get rid of those he saw as defectives and to silence all opposition to his rule. His purpose was to find out where Jews and other unacceptable ethnic minorities such as Romanies lived.

He was confident in commissioning the census because he had already established a strong relationship with the American company IBM (International Business Machines Corporation). They were among the first in the world to have developed punch-card data handling, a precursor of computers which enabled the recording and manipulation of census-related information in unprecedented volumes.

To meet the demands of the Reichstag, during 1933 IBM invested the equivalent of $20million into Dehomag, their German subsidiary. Thomas Watson, the founder CEO of IBM, travelled to Germany  to supercharge operations, to liaise with Nazi top brass and kickstart the creation of a gleaming new Berlin HQ.

The full extent of IBM’s role in Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945 was pieced together by the US journalist and historian Edwin Black, who in 2001 published his book IBM and the Holocaust: The Strategic Alliance between Nazi Germany and America’s Most Powerful Corporation

He states in the chilling and relevant introduction: ‘This book will be profoundly uncomfortable to read. It was profoundly uncomfortable to write. It tells the story of IBM’s conscious involvement – directly and through its subsidiaries – in the Holocaust as well as involvement in the Nazi war machine that murdered millions of others throughout Europe. 

‘Mankind barely noticed when the concept of massively organised information quietly emerged to become a means of social control, a weapon of war and a roadmap for group destruction. . . Der Fuehrer’s obsession with Jewish destruction was hardly original . . . But for the first time in history an anti-Semite had automation on his side. Hitler did not do it alone, he had help.

‘In the upside-down world of the Holocaust, dignified professionals were Hitler’s advance troops. Police officials disregarded their duty in favour of protecting villains and persecuting victims. Lawyers perverted concepts of justice . . . doctors defiled medicine to perpetrate ghastly experiments . . . statisticians used their little-known but powerful discipline to identify their victims, project and rationalise the benefits of their destruction, organise their persecution . . . Enter IBM and its overseas subsidiaries’.

Black details that one of the first consequences of the new data handling capability was that identifying as Jews individuals in Germany with only one or two Jewish ancestors resulted in the previous estimates of the German Jewish population of between 400,000 and 600,000 expanding to more than 2million.    

As the Nazi war machine occupied successive nations of Europe, a census using IBM technology soon followed. Black notes that every German concentration camp maintained a records department facilitated by IBM punch-cards and machines.

Trudeau, of course, has access to much more efficient data capture and manipulation technology than Hitler. He also has the support of the big tech companies such as GoFundMe, which cancelled the payment to truckers of almost $10million raised on their behalf.

Other tech giants as well as most of the MSM are distorting, censoring or ignoring the truckers’ perspective and have tarred them with the same far-Right, anti-vaxx brush as Trudeau.

The emergency powers being deployed by the Canadian prime minister are, it is said, temporary. But the goal is to crush dissent and those who disagree with his regime. What will come next? 

Steve Bell, interim police chief of Ottawa, has given a disturbing insight into the plans: ‘If you were involved in this protest we will actively look to identify you and follow up with financial sanctions and criminal charges, absolutely.

‘This investigation will go on for months to come. It has many, many different streams, both from a federal financial level, from a provincial licencing level, from a criminal code level, from a municipal breach of court order, breach of court injunction level.

‘It will be a complicated and time-consuming investigation that will go on for a period of time. You have my commitment that that investigation will continue and we will hold people accountable for taking our streets over.’

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