Is SAVING Ukraine worth CRIPPLING the West’s economy?

There’s something that MUST be said: America has a price we’re not willing to pay in return for Ukraine’s freedom. We’re not willing to risk U.S. troops or to start a nuclear war. It doesn’t mean we’re not compassionate, Glenn explains…we’re rationally compassionate. And now there’s another huge, potential consequence at play that NO ONE else is talking about: The end of the West’s economy. Glenn explains why we must not destroy America — and, specifically, U.S. energy — in the process of stopping Putin and Russia. So, until our current leaders start opening up our own oil reserves, we might be able to help Ukraine. But we cannot save them.


The West’s response to Russia & Ukraine FINALLY makes sense

Something regarding Russia’s invasion into Ukraine — and the way the West responded to it — hasn’t made sense to Glenn since the chaos all began. But in this clip, Glenn starts to piece together the puzzle pieces. It’s the first time the Western world has formed such a powerful ‘coalition’ — including multiple public/private partnerships between banks, big corporations, and world governments — in response to foreign disputes. But the way world leaders banded together demonstrates what may be coming for us all: The Great Reset. And now, proponents of the World Economic Forum’s masterplan have a crisis on their hands they likely will NOT let go to waste…

Why do elite want to defend Ukraine’s democracy but RUIN IT here?

‘Something rings very hollow,’ Christopher Bedford, Senior Editor for The Federalist, tells Glenn. It doesn’t make sense that elite in the West — especially America’s ruling class — are hellbent on defending democracy in Ukraine but also incredibly focused on ruining America’s principles at home. That’s why, Bedford suggests, our ruling class may be MORE dangerous to ordinary Americans than any threat Russia or Putin poses today: ‘Vladimir Putin is not…putting the United States of America into internment camps, or drag queens into school libraries, or forcing vaccinations, or closing churches, or arresting priests, or bankrupting businesses. That’s what our ruling class is doing.’

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