Twitter just suspended The Babylon Bee for calling Rachel Levine a man and the Bee is refusing to delete the tweet because, ya know, it’s true

NTB Staff

Mar 20th, 2022 7:23 pm

So The Babylon Bee hilariously named Rachel Levine its “Man of the Year,” playing off the fact that USA Today even more hilariously named Levine its “Woman of the Year” despite the fact that Rachel Levine (AKA Richard Levine) is a biological male.

“TRUTH – It’s the New Hate Speech: “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” – George Orwell”


Let’s Start a Proxy War with Russia.

The trans-national crime syndicate that runs the world is panicking.

Elizabeth Nickson
Mar 19

It is looking increasingly grim for the corporatist fascists that run our world. After the mid-terms, assuming an uncorrupted system, the 2020 election will be de-certified in Wisconsin and Georgia, and possibly Pennsylvania. The incoming Republican Congress (100 seats, 100 years)  has announced that there will be no new legislation. Just investigations and prosecutions as far as the eye can see.

The top bestseller of the last six weeks, Red-Handed, How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win, by Peter Schweizer, is a manual for prosecution of BlackRock, Goldman, Biden, Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Mitch McConnell, Larry Fink and a hundred more obscure crooks.

The books details the obsequies of Zuckerberg, Larry Page from Google, and the extremely odd boy who started Twitter. All three men crawl on their craven little bellies for Xi Jinping, begging to sell American digital secrets in order to get near the Chinese market. All three organizations help the People’s Liberation Army surveille and punish dissidents.

The New York Times says Hunter Biden’s laptop is not a Russian psyop.  All those references to the Big Guy’s 10%? Genuine.

The walls are closing in.

I know! War with a nuclear power!

Launch the wall-to-wall one-dimensional coverage.  Like clockwork, the entire media becomes cheerleaders for war. Us punters have a new thing to fear (nuclear war) and a new demon (Putin) to hate and adorable Ukrainian children to pray for.

The million or so Ukrainians who will die for the Washington elite as the “war” progresses is another stack of corpses the WEF and CCP can add to those they killed with the virus, the vaccine and the brutal lock-downs. Some say by the time the toll is counted, the deaths will outpace WW2.

On Facebook, before he disappeared, our gang followed a self-described 4 star American Intelligence General, whose fake name was Pryam Farll. Farll who befriended many of the leaders in the new Conservative movement, was a relative of the British and Danish Royal Families and was based in Estonia. He claimed he read Putin’s email. His job, which he described in some detail, was to surround him with armies, to encourage memberships in NATO and the EU for former satellite states, to keep up the fighting on Russia’s eastern border. He may have been fake, but his movements from Rumania to Brussels to London to the US provided a map of what the cabal was doing to Russia and how it was doing it. Surrounding it. Building armies on his borders. Moving ever closer. Threatening.

Dispassionate observers say that the increasing Westernization of Ukraine was an existential threat for Putin. The Russia Hoax had insulted and angered Putin for six years. Ukraine refused to negotiate the required Minsk Agreements that would establish, as agreed, Donetsk and Luhansk as independent. Ever since 2014, DC had used Ukraine as piggy bank, run bioweapons labs (destroyed by Putin), and built its army, even floating the idea of nuclear arms. Touted as a new democratic nation, Ukraine is in fact, a gangster state, predated  by oligarchs and cartels who run the largest human trafficking enterprise in the world out of the country. Since 2014, the country’s GDP has not grown because all its considerable wealth has been looted. All the other former Soviet republics have boomed.

Zelensky’s cabinet is 100% drawn from the entertainment business and he modelled his career on Justin Trudeau.  He is a puppet like all the WEF puppets.

While we are distracted by war war, the Great Resetters are implementing hard core censorship. In the EU, digital ID legislation will pass on July 1 and implemented in the fall. Your digital ID will include your personal CO2 allowance. In the US, a new FBI division was formed to seek out and surveille domestic terrorists. In fascist Canada, the Liberal government has brought forward a bill which states you can be interned for future thought crimes.

WHO, the culprit for the past two years of destruction will become the sole authority over all the member states of the UN when it comes to health. Every nation state in the UN will comply to WHOs dictats on pandemics, even food. But don’t worry, the Food and Agriculture Ministry of the UN, thinks you can have 1.7 ounces of protein at each meal.

Schweizer details in Red-Handed, how carefully the Chinese encouraged, financed then purchased ever more complex digital surveillance systems from Silicon Valley. China, the People’s Liberation Army, Blackrock and the Digital Lords together created censorship systems that will hunt and seek across the internet looking for dissent, implementing DOS attacks via AI, that will then lead to police raids.

Did you notice that the most extreme lockdowns took place in the most independent countries, the 5 Eyes, the Anglosphere? Citizen videos from Australia this summer were almost unbelievable, mums, dads, grannies, gassed, beaten and mowed over by black clad, Kevlar-vested brutalists.

In Canada, the most peaceful protest in history, almost Ghandi-like in its mult-ethnic grilling, dancing and bouncy castling, was shut down by a police force whose uniforms had no insignia. Horses trampled the disabled, and the organizers were thrown in jail and left to rot like the January 6 prisoners. When let out they could not even talk about politics to their families.

This isn’t a bug in the system, it is a feature.

It said, “those Canadians, the nicest people on earth? We can beat the crap out of them and no one will say a word. Dissent and you’re next.”

Governments don’t answer to their voters anymore.

In the  New World Order we will have no rights because there will be no countries. The chaos at the Mexican border represents the Cabal’s belief that the nation state is dead, that the huddled masses in South and Central America deserve to share in the bounty of the US. The chaos plays into their hands nicely, it requires more taxpayer money subsidizing newcomers, getting us ever closer to the goal of engineered collapse. Migrants will destabilize red counties, break their culture, and keep wages low for Blackrock and Vanguard.

Putin refuses to turn Russia over to the WEF. He refuses to turn over his citizens to the corporatist Borg. He is reinventing the nation state, with its responsibility to its citizens and arduously separating the public and private sectors.

He has moved his Central Bank out of the international system. His debt to GDP ratio is 17%. He is not in our debt trap. (The U.S. debt to GDP is 130% and that’s a good ratio for western democracies). He doesn’t care if the American mega-corps move out of the country. He doesn’t care if his oligarchs are looted and left to wither in London and the south of France. He is perhaps the only leader in the world capable of standing up to the supra-national criminal cartel that has bought us and intends to harvest us in perpetuity.

When the nation state fails, no one will have civil rights, because there will be no state to enforce civil rights. Elections will be entirely performative, and given our puppet leaders, probably already are.

As a result of our disinterest in government, the last thirty years of shopping and self-indulgence, we have lost our citizenship rights. We are moving towards the rule of a corporate oligarchy that supercedes the nation state. One with permission to invade the mind and body through WHO mandates. We demonstrated our obedience during Covid. They decided we were easy.

A world-wide corporatist totalitarian state will fail. For many reasons, but primarily because contingencies are too huge. Just as climate modelers can’t predict the future, there are too many unknown unknowns.

Nevertheless, this week, history just reset itself. The road ahead is clear. This must not be allowed to happen. The most important people in the world right now, are the precinct captains in America’s swing states. If they can do their jobs right, by January 2023, the Borg future will be court appearances as far as the eye can see. If it takes 100 years.

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