WATCH: Trudeau gets called a Dictator in front of the entire EU

Arwen~ Copied this post from a friend, an astute friend:)

“Not 24 hours after subverting Canadian democracy, Justin Trudeau went to the European Parliament to breathily lecture them on (I’m going to try to say this with a straight face) “Defending Western Democracy” and yes, you read that right.

While most of the European Parliamentarians considered the source ahead of time and didn’t bother to show up at all, those who did witnessed Justin Trudeau get lit up, and lit up big when it comes to his hypocrisy on this very topic. Video in link.

Croatia (and the rest of the world) is wise to this guy.

Canada isn’t.

Canadian media reporting the day as “a passionate defence of Western values” and leaving out what really happened is a part of why that is. The Justin Journos know what they witnessed today was true, too, but they don’t want to tell you about it. Arguably they’ve been subsidized heavily, with yours and my money, not to.

There’s a word for that. It starts with a P.

Canada has a propaganda problem.”

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