Orson Welles on Michael Landon’s Impact on Television – Dean Martin Roast 1984

Arwen~ It is interesting to note Orson Welles concern at what television was airing in 1984, and how Michael Landon’s tv programs showcasing kindness, goodness and decency were so needed.

I dare say neither Orson or Michael would recognize our world today. We have come so far in technology, communication, medical advances etc. and yet, we have fallen to such depths and void of humanity than could ever be imagined in 1984.


Rex Murphy: Will anyone apologize for falsely accusing truckers of attempted arson in Ottawa?

The attempt to burn down an apartment building in Ottawa, which was so widely and wildly heralded during the Freedom Convoy protest, had nothing to do with the truckers

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Rex Murphy

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Apr 08, 2022  

Suspects are seen on security camera footage allegedly attempting to set fire to an apartment building in Ottawa on Feb. 6.
Suspects are seen on security camera footage allegedly attempting to set fire to an apartment building in Ottawa on Feb. 6. PHOTO BY TWITTER/OTTAWA POLICE SERVICE

This week, we found out that the attempt to burn down an apartment building in Ottawa, which was so widely and wildly heralded during the Freedom Convoy protest, had nothing to do with the truckers.

Please let this sink in. At the time, such was the volume of assumption, innuendo and outright allegation that everyone from Nanaimo, B.C., to Nain, N.L., formed the impression that this despicable action, an outrage by any standard, was the work of the truckers.

Not true. False. Nothing to do at all with the protesters. It was allegedly the work of two Ottawa miscreants who were working alone.

You will easily remember that the most grisly feature of this attempt to set the apartment building alight — the affair was caught on security cameras and made it all over the internet — was that the handles of the exit doors were taped shut, so that, had they been successful, residents would not be able to escape the inferno.

Those who saw that could not forget just how vicious the deed was meant to be and could not help but deplore the type of person who would contemplate such a thing. A lot of the contempt and anger it stirred was directed toward the innocent protesters. It’s important to note this.

By Wednesday, however, we knew that all suspicions about the truckers, all the condemnations that showered forth from the House of Commons, all the fulmination from the mayor of Ottawa, all the jaundiced comments on Twitter were wrong, after Ottawa police arrested a second person in relation to the arson who was not known to be connected to the protest in any way. Keep in mind that the Ottawa police themselves had never alleged that the crime had anything to do with the Freedom Convoy. All who did, did so on their own.

Also keep in mind that, as one of the most dramatic incidents of the entire protest, it offered a very convenient contributing pretext for the declaration of the Emergencies Act. These two malicious gits allegedly attempting to light the whole apartment building on fire and locking everyone inside certainly contributed to the atmosphere in which calling down the full power of the emergency legislation was easy to do.

Consider the words of our current coalition co-prime minister, Jagmeet Singh, on this event. Singh had no doubt who was behind the arson. Here he is, in his own extravagant and completely erroneous words, speaking on the convoy protest in the House of Commons:

“This convoy protest is not a peaceful protest.… Violence is commonplace. We saw an example of this violence with an attempted arson of a downtown apartment building, where people started a fire and taped the doors closed when they exited. I ask members to take a moment to think what that means. They had the forethought to set a fire and then tape the doors so no one could escape. This is not isolated. There are ongoing examples.”

You add Singh’s incendiary charges to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s brutal descriptions of the protesters — racists, homophobes, misogynists, etc. — and the alarmist rhetoric coming from MPs and the mayor of Ottawa, and it’s easy to see how the Emergencies Act found so much support.

Well, now that the central act, the biggest scare of the whole ordeal, has been established as having nothing to do with the maligned truckers, will there be apologies from all those concerned? Will there be statements of regret about hastily maligning a largely peaceful protest?

One other key point: does this kind of wild accusation, made without proof, fall under the government’s newfound concern for misinformation? Will the government work to prevent such malignant mistruths from being spread among its own ranks with the same vigour with which it will surely go after its foes? Let me use an old and possibly faded expression: not in a month of Sundays.

Clearly, we desperately need a public inquiry into why the Emergencies Act got called into play. We need to know the assumptions on which it was based. And we need to know why it was hauled down before the Senate had a chance to vote on it.

We need to know, in essence, if the Trudeau government wielded such a big hammer for its own convenience, on a protest it had demonized, and that had been perhaps fatally slandered by the most outrageous allegation of all: that its members were willing to burn a building, while barring the exit.

Whether, given the recent NDP-Liberal nuptials, we are ever likely to see a real inquiry is a point I shall leave up to honest readers to determine.

National Post


Rupa Subramanya: Doug Ford must resist COVID zero zealots

Expect to see the usual chorus of doomsayers tell us that the Ontario hospital system is about to collapse

Ontario Premier Doug Ford, shown here putting his mask back on after a December press conference at Queen's Park in Toronto.Ontario Premier Doug Ford, shown here putting his mask back on after a December press

Just when we thought the pandemic was behind us, COVID hysteria is back with a vengeance in Canada, with Ontario standing out once again as uniquely fearful, where the science apparently works differently than everywhere else on the planet. With most Western countries now ditching the last of their COVID-19 restrictions, there is chatter that Ontario ought to reimpose restrictions that were recently lifted, in particular the mask mandate.

The chatter is not merely from those who never saw a government rule or restriction they didn’t like, but from the self-appointed experts who hold forth in the media and social media on the need to tighten restrictions yet again in the face of a sub-variant, in an apparently never ending battle with the virus.

We can see how bizarre the Ontario debate is when we look at other comparable advanced countries, which in the face of rising cases are sticking to their resolve to live with the virus, treat it similarly to a seasonal flu, and return to life as normal. Countries spanning the spectrum from South Korea to the UK to the German-speaking countries in Europe have all decided, and are sticking to, the decision to lift restrictions and stand on an irrevocable path to normalcy.

Switzerland recently lifted all remaining restrictions, including mandatory mask use on public transport and in hospitals, arguing that such rules had outlived their usefulness given relatively high vaccination rates. What’s ironic is Ontario’s vaccination rate of 82 per cent of the population fully vaccinated, and nearly 50 per cent with a booster dose, is well above most of these other places. There is thus even less rational cause for fear in Ontario, yet the hysteria meter, like the wastewater signal which everyone seems to be obsessed with, is off the scale.

What’s more, contrary to what is widely believed, the science on mask use is far from settled. A recent and widely shared study purporting to show that masks work has been thoroughly dissected by American epidemiologist and health policy expert, Vinay Prasad, who carefully identifies serious, multiple methodological defects in the study, and low statistical power in the apparent finding in favour of mask use. None of this should surprise us. Remember that Dr. Anthony Fauci expressed skepticism about mask use early on in the pandemic, as for that matter did Dr. Theresa Tam, Canada’s chief medical officer of health, around the same time. Recall that in Ontario, during the first wave, cases began trending down in the spring of 2020, long before the mask mandate was imposed in July. It would seem that hysteria is abetted by amnesia about the facts.

The Ontario mask vigilantes like to point to Quebec, where the mask mandate has not yet been lifted, and in fact has been extended to the end of this month. They might be disappointed to learn that reports suggest that new cases are as high or higher in Quebec as they are in Ontario. Quebec has more people hospitalized than Ontario, 1479 as against 1091 at the time of writing. Given that Ontario’s population is almost as twice as large as Quebec’s, it doesn’t take a great deal of quantitative insight to realize that Quebec’s continuing reliance on a mask mandate hasn’t impacted infection rates, the first link in the chain of causation that leads to someone being hospitalized with COVID.

But facts won’t deter the fearmongers. Expect to see the usual chorus of doomsayers tell us that the Ontario hospital system is about to collapse under the weight of new hospital admissions. We heard exactly the same chorus during the winter Omicron wave, that led Premier Doug Ford to reimpose a partial lockdown, again almost unique among comparable jurisdictions around the world. As I pointed out then, the Ontario hospital system, including ICUs, as a whole generally held up well, although a few hospitals did indeed struggle, but not for too long. Unfortunately, but predictably, the “sky is falling crowd” pinpointed those few hospitals that were struggling, conveniently ignoring the fact that the system as a whole stood up more than satisfactorily in dealing with the Omicron wave.

As of April 4, according to data from Critical Care Services Ontario in its daily updates to hospital stakeholders, the critical care bed occupancy rate for COVID-19 stands at 73 per cent, lower than it did at the height of the Omicron wave of 77 per cent. This is well below the 85 per cent capacity which is treated as a red line by hospital administrators in Ontario.

Despite this good news, you can bet that Premier Ford will be under intense pressure to reverse course on the reopening of the province. Recall that he appears to have succumbed to such pressure at the time that he reimposed a partial lockdown this past winter, warning, without citing any credible research, the fear that “hundreds of thousands” of new cases of COVID-19 would overwhelm the province. At that time, he took what he described as “decisive” action to stem the tide. There’s no evidence that the winter lockdown made much difference, except to deal a further blow to the physical, mental, and economic health of Ontarians, including small businesses that were barely keeping their heads above water after surviving previous lockdowns.

The most decisive thing that Ford can do now is to stand firm against the COVID zero zealots, and lead Ontario back to normalcy, like in every other sensible place on planet Earth.

National Post


Less than 10% got COVID throughout the pandemic

Data from April 1 shows that only 9 per cent of Canadians were even infected with COVID-19 throughout the pandemic, and only 0.0993 per cent died from it — despite near-constant fearmongering from the mainstream media.

As of April 1, there have been 3,507,206 recorded cases of COVID-19 in Canada since the pandemic began. For a population of slightly over 38 million, that’s less than 10 per cent.

Additionally, there have only been 37,728 COVID-related deaths.

In other words, after two years of lockdowns, medical tyranny, segregation, and all the other abhorrent actions taken by the Canadian government, COVID-19 has had a total death rate of 0.0993 per cent. This is only slightly higher than the annual flu, which had a death rate of 0.0232 per cent in 2018, right before COVID came along.

However, despite what the data is showing, outlets like CTV News are trotting out ‘experts’ to fearmonger to Canadians about an imminent ‘sixth wave’ of COVID following the return of Canadians’ rights and freedoms.

Moreover, as The Counter Signal reported throughout the pandemic, COVID data is often highly inflated.

On January 10, Alberta Chief Health Officer Deena Hinshaw admitted that Alberta Health Services reported non-ICU patients as ICU patients throughout the pandemic.

“In some of our historical data, patients admitted for COVID treatment were categorized as being in ICU when the unit they were on, in fact, had been changed back to a non-ICU unit at that time,” Hinshaw said.

The next day, Ontario Health Minister Christine Elliott dropped yet another shocking revelation, admitting that over 46 per cent of all COVID-positive patients counted as COVID hospitalizations weren’t even in the hospital for COVID. Instead, they went to the hospital for something entirely different, were tested while there, happened to test positive, and were added to the running total to make the pandemic look worse.

COVID-related deaths were almost certainly inflated in the same way.

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