Trudeau vs. Canada- Jordan Peterson and Rex Murphy

Jordan B Peterson
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Rex Murphy is a Canadian commentator and author, primarily on Canadian political and social matters. He was the regular host of CBC Radio One’s Cross Country Checkup, a nation wide call-in show, for 21 years, before stepping down in September of 2015. He currently writes for The National Post, where his articles are published weekly. In this episode, Rex Murphy and I discuss the strange times in current Canadian politics, the perpetual scandals of Justin Trudeau, media censorship and the appalling Bill C-11, fascism on the Left, Zoom parliament, and much more. Thanks for watching.

—Chapters— [0:00] Intro [3:24] Trudeau’s Irresponsible Roe v. Wade Comments [9:21] Strange Political Times in Canada [10:33] Zoom Parliament [14:19] Talking Across the Aisle In Person [16:50] Fascism on the Left [22:41] Bill C-11: “The Online Streaming Act” [35:35] Trudeau’s Perpetual Scandals [42:50] Interference with the RCMP [46:04] Trudeau’s Overweening Narcissism [50:20] An Appetite on Display [58:38] Trudeau’s Unprecedented Spending [1:03:25] Killing Alberta Oil [1:04:25] Dependance on Russian Oil [1:06:03] How the Green Movement Empowered Putin [1:10:33] A Panoply of Utopian Nonsense—Again [1:15:03] Communism in Eastern Europe [1:15:45] Communist Parallels in the Progressive Movement [1:20:34] “The Great Reset” and Trudeau [1:21:21] Who the Hell is Klaus Schwab [1:26:00] Closing Comments


Crickets!? Where’s the Beef?

Is animal meat being phased out? 

With the announcement of the world’s largest cricket processing plant being built in London, Ontario; farmers are concerned about the survival of their industry.  Watching the clashes in Holland between the agriculture industry and their government has understandably made them wonder if the same scapegoating of their industry is on the way to Canada.

They have reason to be worried. The demonization of their products through red tape, negative product labels, and high carbon taxes is a deliberate attempt by this Liberal government to cancel the agriculture and livestock industry. 

Livestock farmers had to fight the Liberals’ plan to put fat warning labels on ground beef and pork, while not doing so on patented artificial meat products that contain higher fats from canola and industrial seed oil, which is far worse than natural animal fat. 

Meanwhile, the cost of farming has skyrocketed due to the increase in carbon tax, tariffs on Russian fertilizers and red tape tied to operations. 

Where did this all start?

International Law and Agricultural Sovereignty

In 1988 the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) brought together a group of experts to address the conservation and sustainable use of all biodiversity on this planet. Numerous meetings and conferences were held, and in 1993 the Convention on Biodiversity was ratified by 196 nations. While that might sound wonderful on the surface, it has opened the door for the movement away from private property, and created a concentration on ownership of patented plants and livestock into the hands of biotech companies. 

The current state of international law discourages traditional farming such as cattle, livestock, and even agricultural produce. It’s often claimed these types of farming are inequitable and/or detrimental to the environment. 

The push by some to eliminate natural meat is based on the fact that raising livestock is considered unsustainable and requires large amounts of land, thereby creating a large carbon footprint.

Fighting for Food Security and Independency

Farmers are not imagining that their industry is being cancelled — it is.  

Large corporations and rich individuals like Ted Turner (2.2 million acres of land) and Bill Gates (269,000 acres of farmland) are buying up farmland and putting small family farmers out of business. This is making us more dependent on importing food and restricting our output. Canadian farmers are an essential part of the global food supply chain, and they should have been exempt from the carbon tax in order to assist with global food security.

These vicious attacks on the agricultural sector make no sense since farmers have already implemented a host of carbon reduction strategies including sequestration, minimize fertilizer waste, practice of zero tillage as well as planting crops that require less irrigation and water.  

We must push back against agricultural policies that are phasing out our way of life, changing ownership from family farms to large corporations, and reducing plant and animal life to patented genetic codes to be controlled and appropriated by any corporation or entity. 

When COVID hit, as a country we suddenly realized how irresponsible it was to have let the manufacturing of critically-important items be left in the hands of other countries. The health and safety of our citizens was put at risk.

Securing our food supply as a country is even more important. It’s key to our national sovereignty, and the literal health of our country.

A Lewis-led government will always stand up for Canadian farmers and our agriculture sector.

Leslyn Lewis

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