Trudeau vs. Canada- Jordan Peterson and Rex Murphy

Jordan B Peterson
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Rex Murphy is a Canadian commentator and author, primarily on Canadian political and social matters. He was the regular host of CBC Radio One’s Cross Country Checkup, a nation wide call-in show, for 21 years, before stepping down in September of 2015. He currently writes for The National Post, where his articles are published weekly. In this episode, Rex Murphy and I discuss the strange times in current Canadian politics, the perpetual scandals of Justin Trudeau, media censorship and the appalling Bill C-11, fascism on the Left, Zoom parliament, and much more. Thanks for watching.

—Chapters— [0:00] Intro [3:24] Trudeau’s Irresponsible Roe v. Wade Comments [9:21] Strange Political Times in Canada [10:33] Zoom Parliament [14:19] Talking Across the Aisle In Person [16:50] Fascism on the Left [22:41] Bill C-11: “The Online Streaming Act” [35:35] Trudeau’s Perpetual Scandals [42:50] Interference with the RCMP [46:04] Trudeau’s Overweening Narcissism [50:20] An Appetite on Display [58:38] Trudeau’s Unprecedented Spending [1:03:25] Killing Alberta Oil [1:04:25] Dependance on Russian Oil [1:06:03] How the Green Movement Empowered Putin [1:10:33] A Panoply of Utopian Nonsense—Again [1:15:03] Communism in Eastern Europe [1:15:45] Communist Parallels in the Progressive Movement [1:20:34] “The Great Reset” and Trudeau [1:21:21] Who the Hell is Klaus Schwab [1:26:00] Closing Comments


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