“No Extreme Scenario Should Be Taken off the Table” – Klaus Schwab

I read Klaus Schwab and Alex Jones on The Great Reset so you don’t have to.

Elizabeth Nickson

Sep 3

Sometime in 1947 the multi-colored serpent that was CIA founder Allan Dulles slithered north to Montreal looking for some lovely experimental subjects. He’d bought himself some Nazi scientists out of the Nuremberg prisons, and reckoned, given the massive slums that ringed Montreal at that time, there were lots of dispossessed that would not be remembered and he was right.

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At least at the time. Justice is closing in.

He dropped in on the mega-mega rich old men of Montreal who were used to international folk looking for money. They had seen off a Prussian aristocrat who had come to one of their yacht clubs prospecting for funds for the German war machine – my father was there – and frog-marched said Nazi to his yacht whereupon he sailed south to Kennebunkport and picked up the Bushies who made money on Auschwitz labor throughout the war.

But this time, J W McConnell was enthusiastic. He owned the evening paper, had made millions in chemicals and perched as the top of the tree. And he wanted more significance, more importance. He wanted to be celebrated by fancy international rich, go to balls in Venice, and shooting weekends with Royal Dukes and billionaires. Yes, he said, he would fund human experiments and proffered some French orphans and indigenous as ideal subjects. No one would miss them, no one would ask questions.  Oh, but some of the other old men did, mocking him at parties, “how’r your French orphans, McConnell?” He ignored them.  A few years later, he facilitated the sale of the Allan family’s 50,000 square foot family house essentially to DARPA1, turning it into North America’s first institution whose mission was to control the human mind. The Rockefellers were all in, providing seed money.

Ravenscrag, which became The Allan Memorial, the home of the first human experiments in mind control. Directed by DARPA and Allan Dulles

Wherever the Rockefeller Foundation pokes up its head, it destroys people. All through the western democracies, Asia and Africa, their operatives turn vivid communities to desert.

In the 40’s and 50’s, Dulles and DARPA starved and tortured children, infecting them with disease, letting their teeth rot, turning them into what looked like nothing more than camp victims. Let’s not even go into the punishment. Once Dulles’s special pet, psychiatrist Ewan Cameron, arrived, it was multiple ECT treatments, curare and diabetic shock. On Catholic orphans. On indigenous children. And finally, on their own misbehaving wives.

Where were the other men and women in McConnell’s circle, the 400 families, who lived like New York’s Gilded Age? They were shopping, travelling, building houses, hosting “charity” balls, and devising ways to exclude and humiliate those without money. The evil happening just up the street was ignored.

Familiar? It should be.

Right now men (mostly) with the ethical stature of the McConnell and Rockefeller families are running our world. They have deliberately spiked energy prices, fertilizer prices, destroyed hundreds of food processing plants world-wide, destroyed one million family farms in the US alone, broken shipping world-wide, and are in the beginning stages of starving us. Food bills are likely to spike on average $1000 a month in the next year or so. In Canada and worldwide, our energy bills have already tripled. This winter, they will rise again.

To trigger their “extreme scenario” Schwab and the WEF, with the help of the CCP, Gates, Fauci and Daszak devised and introduced the virus, killed millions with it, force-vaccinated billions, and many more millions are dying2.

Most people cannot believe what is happening. Those who question repeatedly are relegated to a digital gulag. In polite company once sane people are categorized as wild men from the deep forest. Almost everyone who tries to think through it, experiences disbelief, moments of borderline mental illness, sheer terror.

Our upper middle class professionals, trained in universities we paid for, are oblivious and, in fact, cashing in, if not outright facilitating.

Schwab’s Covid-19 and the Great Reset, is a stunningly bad book. It is garbage writing meant to bewilder and confuse and pacify via sheer mind-numbing clap-trap. Its ideas are stupid, its foundational thought evil, its phrasing convoluted. But it sure appeals to the mega mega mega rich of our age, seeking ever more ways to aggrandize themselves.

Alex Jones in The Great Reset and the War For The World, deconstructs Schwab’s “thinking”. He places the plans of the WEF’s Great Reset in historical context, tracing its ascent from David Rockefeller’s Trilateral Commission. Zbig Brzezinski, Jimmy Carter’s chief counsellor and National Security Adviser, was the first member of the Trilaterals in government, though now all presidents are surrounded by Trilaterals.

Jones reduces their arguments to sawdust using Zbig’s autobiography,

This was Brzezinski’s big play for Big Thinker in the 1970s:

“More people are going to college; we need a new political system!

Big government funds big science; we need a new political system!

We have nuclear energy; we need a new political system!

We have telephones; we need a new political system!

We have highways; we need a new political system!

We have television; we need a new political system!

We have computers; we need a new political system!”3

That’s it. That’s all they have. This is their ONLY argument. The world is too complex for ordinary humans, give us ALL the power. But clearly, we managed to survive television and telephones and highways. We will manage digital space, AI, and global trade just the same. Ordinary humans have all the skills and intelligence we need.

Schwab, in Covid 19, The Great Reset, goes on to praise the Asian tigers, none of which have a democratic government. He admires China most of all. His spiritual adviser, Yuval Harari, the thoroughly creepy Sapiens author, praises empires as ideal for human organization. And lest you forget, throughout the book, Schwab reminds us that “we” have the technology to monitor everyone and make sure they are thinking right. “Our goal is to enable all life situations with this digital ID.”

We are seeing the full flourishing of Allan Dulles’s fever dream of total psychological and physical control, a metastatic growth of said evil, which combines the worst elements of Communism married to the vulture Capitalism funding it. Its action arm is a predatory administrative state, fed by the UN, out of which flows millions of pages of suggested regulations designed to bankrupt any middle-class business man or woman who gets above their assigned place in the prison farm.

This is worse than the Third Reich, worse than Stalin’s gulags, worse than Mao. Because, to make it happen, they must kill tens of millions of us. Arguably, they already have.


DARPA stands for Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. According to patent filings, they were involved in the development of the Covid-19 virus and vaccine. https://www.darpa.mil/


Chart is from the Ethical Skeptic, cited by many already. His work is available on twitter and Substack.  The Ethical Skeptic August 20, 2022 Part 1 His anonymity means his work cannot be cancelled.


Alex Jones, The Great Reset and the War for the World, August 2022, Kindle edition, location 22%


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