Until this COVID Pfizer & Moderna gene injection vaccine is stopped, then the pandemic will not end; never end & Francis Collins, Fauci, Bourla etc. know it; it is selecting for more lethal virulence

We warned them, Vanden Bossche did, Yeadon did, I did, McCullough did, we did, that non-neutralizing vaccinal antibodies pressure the spike & drives infectious & more virulence; it is happening now!

Dr. Paul Alexander

This pandemic would have been over January February 2021, the data was clear. We needed no vaccine. We never did! We had early treatment, we knew who was at risk, we knew that COVID was amenable to risk stratification and a steep age-risk curve existed. We knew how to manage it and we knew as long as you strongly protect the high-risk e.g. elderly, then allow the rest of society to live normal lives. They would have gained baseline natural immunity and inched us to herd immunity and dealt with omicron effectively. Today we have people who were locked down too long and hard, now facing a failed injection that provides no protection (does not stop infection or transmission and does not protect the upper airways), and with the injection driving constant infectious pressure, and trying to emerge. Many are old and vulnerable. Will succumb. Please protect your elderly and I have shared about using the nasal-oral hygiene wash, it will eliminate the pathogen, you have to use it as we indicate, swish, spit, no swallow as the virus lingers in the gum line and back of the throat (povidone-iodine 10% or hydrogen peroxide both diluted, just a little is needed, if it stings means not diluted enough).

I am afraid one of the two must be stopped, either we reduce the infectious pressure (circulating virus) or we stop the vaccine. One of them. We must stop one of them NOW! and ideally both. This will all end if vaccine is stopped. Complete. We have done neither and this is the reason we are stuck. This will not end if we do not stop these failed injections that is driving infection to the vaccinated.

Be warned. This fraud failed ineffective and harmful gene injection must be stopped and never ever must you allow them to inject your child. Defend your child as the parent, grand-parent. Take them out of school, move if you have to. Protect them for Azar ensured they all had liability protection BUT your child. So now it is up to you parents! Trump was lied to, deceived, I have to believe, he is not a malevolent person like the others involved who subverted him, IMO a good man, but he was so misled to bring this, that I am warning again. Many ordinarily healthy American children WILL die from this injection. WILL die. Parents, this is your greatest battle.

There is no science, no data, no study, NONE, that shows these ineffective failed injections provide any benefit to your near zero, statistical zero risk child, though we have data to show how harmful the shot is. Again, under no condition do you as a parent inject your child with these ineffective COVID mRNA gene injections, any of them! This is your ‘hot gates’, this is your Thermopylae.


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