Dr. Paul Marik explains the dangers of a buildup of spike protein in the body, from inflammation to autoimmune disease. “The spike protein is probably one of the most toxic proteins the human body has ever seen.”

Arwen~ Watch and share!


Dr. Peter McCullough, leader of freedom movement, top global cardiologist, stripped of medical licenses & credentials by Texas medical boards; why? he spoke of early treatment & danger of the vaccine

Jim Hoft: BREAKING, Marxist Medical Boards Strip Top Dr. Peter McCullough’s Medical Credentials for Speaking the Truth About COVID Vaccine


Dr. Arne Burkhardt pathologist shows: In 90% of organs of those who died after vaccine, finds clear evidence of auto-immune self attack by killer lymphocytes in the tissues e.g. heart, lung etc.

Martel: Mussolini on fascism

There was a lightbulb moment for your faithful correspondent yesterday which seems particularly apposite considering our life in the West at the moment. I read a definition of fascism which said it should more properly be called “corporatism as it is a merger of state power and corporate power”. If we look around at our world in the West at every level, “corporatism” is what we have got to the nth degree. Oh, and that definition came from Mussolini, and he may have known one or two things about the subject


The West Turns Back on Persecuted Christians, Embraces Radical Muslims

“Western politicians and their allies in the generally “progressive” commentariat have decided to submit to Islam and the article is the thin end of a particularly bloody wedge for the same principles are starting to be applied to their own non-Muslim populations. To be blunt they are using Islam as a tool to end the West.”


It’s Official: It’s ALL a Lie | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris

Arwen~ Everything the media, political leaders have said about Zelensky is a lie, he is not a hero, he is deep in the deep state, bought and paid for puppet, a wolf in sheep clothing…many nations leaders, including Trudeau are involved in spewing propaganda against Putin. We are watching live theatre on a massive scale with many global actors.

Everything we’ve been told about the war in Ukraine has been manufactured and delivered as propaganda. New videos show the level of deceit that’s been used to pull us further into war. Haiti is about to feel the wrath of the U.S. military with an imminent invasion. What’s really happening in Ethiopia?

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