To ALL Vaccinated colleagues:

Arwen~ A FB friend wrote this..he nailed it!

The unvaccinated did NOT take away your freedoms.

The Ford and Trudeau governments DID.

The unvaccinated are NOT your enemies. Governments who restrict your freedoms, however, ARE.

The unvaccinated did NOT claim it was “safe and effective”. Governments, however, DID.

The unvaccinated DID NOT believe “two weeks to flatten the curve” when the “Health Experts” convinced you thusly, and you waited.

The unvaccinated TRIED TO WARN YOU but we were called “conspiracy theorists” and wearers of a tin foil hat by everyone around us.

The unvaccinated TRIED to warn you repeatedly about the risks and dangers of the experimental dose that was only approved under an Emergency Use Order issued by the FDA, and which 30 months later, STILL IS.

Governments, however, SUPPRESSED this information from you by censoring doctors who initially tried to speak out.

The unvaccinated are NOT complicating your lives. Governments ARE.

It is NOT ONLY the unvaccinated that may spread the virus.

The Vaccinated MAY ALSO spread it.

It is NOT unvaccinated who are filling up the hospitals, but rather the vaccinated. Data from across the world have confirmed this as fact.

If the unvaccinated are a threat to you, then the vaccines DO NOT WORK.

If they do work, then you have NOTHING to fear.

If you want to mask up, then you will be “protected” according to the governments, so you again, have NOTHING TO FEAR from an unvaccinated unmasked person.

“Following the science” means being open to independent and opposing input from all medical sources, NOT JUST from PAID “HEALTH EXPERTS” working for the governments, who have NOT been truthful to you.

If you want to vent, and to be angry at someone, that is your right, and you may express that anger appropriately.

But DON’T vent on the unvaccinated.

After all, we did try to warn you, but you did not listen.

I can always undo my opinion by taking off my tin foil hat, but you CANNOT REVERSE the effects of the “vaccine”.

Now there is SADS, and they cannot explain why.

Now there is myocarditis and they wonder why.

Now there are doctors dying in Toronto and they don’t know why.


Because of the tin foil hats, or because of the “vaccines”.

Rather than listen to their inner voice of reason, many elected to simply roll up their sleeve, repeatedly, at the suggestion of many false prophets who do not have their best interests at heart, but are rather “following the money” for their own self-interests.

Now, Pfizer CEO ADMITS the vaccines were never tested as they were racing to “get them to market”.

Be angry.

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