It’s Official: It’s ALL a Lie | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris

Arwen~ Everything the media, political leaders have said about Zelensky is a lie, he is not a hero, he is deep in the deep state, bought and paid for puppet, a wolf in sheep clothing…many nations leaders, including Trudeau are involved in spewing propaganda against Putin. We are watching live theatre on a massive scale with many global actors.

Everything we’ve been told about the war in Ukraine has been manufactured and delivered as propaganda. New videos show the level of deceit that’s been used to pull us further into war. Haiti is about to feel the wrath of the U.S. military with an imminent invasion. What’s really happening in Ethiopia?


China & COVID: Did China lie to the world and defraud the world to spook Trump, did they stage this photo of the dead man in the street in Wuhan? I think 100% they did! This is one of the key frauds

Arwen~ 100% staged

Doctor Urges Canadian Medical Association to Investigate the Unusual Death of 80 Young Doctors Since Vaccine Rollout – 800% Above Baseline/Expected Number

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