Canadian retailer’s commercial celebrates the ‘hard beauty’ of assisted suicide

Glorifying, normalizing a culture of death in Canada. The Liberal gov’t has pushed Canada further into this death culture, the slippery slope that was warned about, has been a quick descent to the unthinkable, and the net is growing ever larger. This is NOT compassion, though it is portrayed as such, this is nothing more than trying make the unthinkable, palatable, that killing people is an act of mercy. This is a great evil unleashed on our country. Life is precious not disposable.

Canada stand up against this! ~Arwen


Belgium’s World Cup Football Riots: A Symbol of the Failure of the Migration Policy

Comment posted “Let us be blunt, the increasing multi-racial and multi-cultural nature of European nations are accidents waiting to happen. In the end native Europeans will take the law into their own hands because their elected servants seem to have no regard for either them or their nations…”

Justin Trudeau blasted for condemning China after his own suppression: ‘LOOK IN THE MIRROR TYRANT’

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