If the German MP denounced by Pollievre was an anti-semite, she would be in jail

Arwen~ People are outing themselves all over the place, pay attention Canadians. Pollievre, did not stand against mandates, govt overreach until the trucker’s freedom convoy showed overwhelming support from Canadians, coast to coast. It was purely politically posturing jumping on that bandwagon. And again now, political posturing by Pollievre against Christine Anderson. Who is the real Pollievre? People like his verbal sparring with Trudeau in the HOC, but when the rubber hits the road on issues of freedom of speech, gov’t mandates and overreach and labeling someone who has done and said nothing wrong, time to look again at who these people are outing themselves to be.

Most Conservatives were silent about mandates and gov’t overreach. There were a handful that spoke out, Leslyn Lewis was one of those, b-4 the convoy. When you have a supposed “conservative” journalist” as Brian Lilley is known as, using Warren Kinsella’s (a Liberal hack journalist who was paid by the Conservative party to find dirt and smear Maxime Bernier and those running for the PPC party, to discredit them) POV, without facts or basis for his writings, then you also should be paying attention to whom you are listening to. Lilley getting info from Kinsella?

Pay attention Canadians, be discerning.

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