We are at war.

An informed citizen is a highly dangerous one and this is how we fight..

Ronald Reagan

Make no mistake, we are in a battle.

Western civilization, our  values , culture and traditions  are being  assailed and threatened to be obliterated. An unholy alliance between the progressive left and Islam has reared its ugly head once again and has declared cultural jihad against the West.    Battling the political ideology of Islam and the religion of Liberalism,   which includes  cultural Marxism and post-modernism,  is fought on and using social media.     Liberalism  and Islam,  in theory,  would appear to be diametrically opposed to one another,  but..    “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” applies here.

  Their end goal is the same…the demise of Western civilization.   

    MSM has become  so blatantly  biased , propaganda spewing and partisan,  it is no longer considered a viable or trustworthy source,  nor should it be.  There are still those who hold true to journalistic integrity and present the “facts”,  not opinion , to be weighed and considered by the viewer…. but they are fewer in number and their platform at times smaller.  Most  news and media organizations regurgitate and repeat whatever propaganda  is trending at the time and rest assured..it is propaganda.   

  Such are the times we find ourselves in.

 We have to search out and find the truth  for ourselves and it is incumbent  upon us to do so.  The powers that be are relying on uninformed masses staying as such, those that are sated with sound bites  spoon fed by MSM are given a false sense of being educated. 

 “Now or Never, will be addressing the deliberate take down of  nations  sovereignty,  identity , culture, values and in fact,  our very freedoms.  The treasonous acts being committed against  our nations comes from within and from without.  

Critical thinking, the “what”, “where”, “when”, “who”, “why” and “how” will be used in “Now or Never”, to present a thorough and precise  view as possible   of what is happening on the political and cultural landscape.  The reader in turn takes the information presented and fact checks, weighs out what is being shared and arrives at their own conclusion.    “Now or Never” is not here  to tell people what to think , but  to encourage  to use  our own cognitive ability to reason, weigh out, judge and assess what we are hearing and reading,  so that we can correctly discern the times we are in and our subsequent response.

Refuse to be silent…silence has brought us to where we are currently.  If we    utilize the strength in unity and push back with a resounding “ENOUGH, ” this would change the course we are on and it must be changed!!

   Your voice matters ,  is powerful..and must be exercised.      Be fearless in the midst of  rabid opposition.  Do your homework and be prepared to  push back against the onslaught of deception with truth.  


This  day we fight.

~ Arwen

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