Priest under fire after sermon on the ‘good done’ by Catholic church on residential schools

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Arwen~ Letter to Mayor Bonnie Crombie

Dear Mayor Crombie;

Did you stop to consider any of Pastor Keenan’s words?  There is zero evidence in Kamloops of what exactly took place, the technology used cannot identify human remains, let alone ages.  This has been outright mislabeled as  a  mass grave, evoking images to most people of  images they have seen of extermination camps like Auschwitz coming to mind.  This is not that.   An Indigenous chief stated this a few days following the media blitz that this  is not a mass grave.  This has been a rush to judgement, knee jerk reaction from the get-go  and as with anything else, anything against the “progressive narrative” will not be tolerated.  Are you aware of how long this school and others schools were in operation?  Who was on the land before?  There are “unmarked” cemetaries all across Canada, with markers long gone, that is not uncommon.   Cemetaries, not mass graves, terminology matters.   

    Are you aware of the deadly diseases that took the life of many children from small pox to TB to others, and there was no treatment, no penicillin to treat?     Are you aware of the mortality rates and life  expectancy of children  during this time?  Are you aware that anyone who died from a communicable disease would  be buried immediately as a safety measure?    Are you aware that not all reports of residential schools are negative and that comes directly from those who attended?  Are you aware that a small percentage of indigenous children attended the schools? 

Pastor Owen Keenan was incredibly brave and showed  critical thinking in his comments, which is clearly not practiced generally speaking  but you were quick to disassociate yourself from him.  .  The woke mob is especially vicious and one can  understand  why you and other politicians are quick to renounce/denounce  without considering the bigger picture, except you are all responsible for  perpetuating a false narrative.  It is false because all of the evidence is not in to support. 

It is easy to go along with the woke crowd , it takes a lot of  courage and conviction to  speak for calm and not a rush to judgement until all facts are in.   

Do your own homework on this Mayor Crombie.   Use critical thinking on today’s  latest residential school grave discovery, which people groups were on the land and from when to when.  What was taking place during those decades, ie diseases, etc.

A few links below that you may find a different perspective, that is not reported in MSM.

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