Less than 10% got COVID throughout the pandemic

Data from April 1 shows that only 9 per cent of Canadians were even infected with COVID-19 throughout the pandemic, and only 0.0993 per cent died from it — despite near-constant fearmongering from the mainstream media.

As of April 1, there have been 3,507,206 recorded cases of COVID-19 in Canada since the pandemic began. For a population of slightly over 38 million, that’s less than 10 per cent.

Additionally, there have only been 37,728 COVID-related deaths.

In other words, after two years of lockdowns, medical tyranny, segregation, and all the other abhorrent actions taken by the Canadian government, COVID-19 has had a total death rate of 0.0993 per cent. This is only slightly higher than the annual flu, which had a death rate of 0.0232 per cent in 2018, right before COVID came along.

However, despite what the data is showing, outlets like CTV News are trotting out ‘experts’ to fearmonger to Canadians about an imminent ‘sixth wave’ of COVID following the return of Canadians’ rights and freedoms.

Moreover, as The Counter Signal reported throughout the pandemic, COVID data is often highly inflated.

On January 10, Alberta Chief Health Officer Deena Hinshaw admitted that Alberta Health Services reported non-ICU patients as ICU patients throughout the pandemic.

“In some of our historical data, patients admitted for COVID treatment were categorized as being in ICU when the unit they were on, in fact, had been changed back to a non-ICU unit at that time,” Hinshaw said.

The next day, Ontario Health Minister Christine Elliott dropped yet another shocking revelation, admitting that over 46 per cent of all COVID-positive patients counted as COVID hospitalizations weren’t even in the hospital for COVID. Instead, they went to the hospital for something entirely different, were tested while there, happened to test positive, and were added to the running total to make the pandemic look worse.

COVID-related deaths were almost certainly inflated in the same way.


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