Canadians are ‘angry’ with the unvaccinated: Trudeau

Arwen~ How about laying the fault where it truly lies, a broken healthcare system and who is responsible for that, gov’t.

We have had hallway healthcare for many many years , it is nothing new. What is new is blaming and punishing citizens with lockdowns and restrictions because a broken healthcare system is easily overwhelmed.

People need to pay careful attention to not only the words of PM Trudeau, but those from the CTV reporter at the onset . Words are powerful and can be used to portray an image, not an accurate one, but an image nonetheless. Those ‘”false images” and “false claims” are meant to incite a negative response,, that is purposefully done. It is not an exaggeration to call what is being said, “inciting hatred” and is incredibly dangerous, what is most shocking is leaders of nations are doing this. Ask yourself this, “why would a leader of a nation deliberately set out to do this, to cast aspersions on some of his fellow citizens as though they were less than others”?

What benefit could there possibly be for doing such a thing…and yet, there is, for them. Refuse to engage in this..


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